Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Because sometimes random is where it's at

Firstly, I have no idea how I chanced upon this garment but I do know that I am duty bound to share. 

Setting the scene...

Thanks to No1 son I have seen each of the original three Star Wars movies over a hundred times. In many scenes I'm word perfect. A fact that on certain days I'm quite proud of.
The new movies are in my humble opinion - a pile of pants, in fact I resolutely refused to watch the last feeble offering.

Then in some random wandering today - I came across this and it did make me chuckle...

An Artoo body. Total and utter random classic. Here are a couple more images for you to ponder...

I love it! Get your paws on one for $85 from Black Milk

Quote from hubby.....
"Unless you like the thought of teenage boys dreaming of dodging Tie Fighters whilst flying down your canyon aiming their torps at a very small hole... then that is wrong in every way..."

I'll get my coat!
And - no it isn't me modelling it! She just has blonde hair!


  1. Omg! I saw these somewhere the other day too! For a split second I thought it was you modelling them,lol!

  2. OMG.. that is so funny - and I did think it was you!

  3. I really like it. Does that make me wrong?

  4. Star Wars quote. "Pull out Wedge, you can't do any more good back there"

  5. When I saw it small on facebook I totally thought it was you!!

  6. Brilliant. Just not sure I like that bullseye right in the middle of her (your) bum.

  7. Pretty unique!!! They should do it as a swimming costume!!


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