Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MummyTips on BBC EMT

The BBC TV crew arrived first thing on Sunday morning, so I apologise for looking so jaded!


  1. You don't look jaded, you look fab. It must have been an experience you will remember forever. Great work.

  2. Not in the least jaded. In fact I was thinking how great you look, despite the fact that you must have been tired after your trip.

    I'm sure your children - who, incidentally, are gorgeous - are incredibly proud of their Mum.

  3. Fabulous! And he said Mum bloggers rule the world at the end!! Jaded? Hardly sis.

  4. Not only did you look put together, you sounded that way too. Nice media, girl. Good work for your cause. Congrats.

  5. You look fab! If I looked like that in the mornings I'd be very proud!

  6. You look amazing! 'Mummy bloggers rule the world!' Love it! lol

    Well done Sian x


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