Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I speak to Nick Clegg

It's been a pretty amazing day here in New York. It's been hot, busy and the roads have been at gridlock as Obama hit town.

Yes that's him going into the UN in his motorcade!

So my big news today was my meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I went over to the UK Mission to the UN offices along with representatives from a few other charities and drank lots of water whilst we waited for him to arrive.
I asked him how he felt as a father that 9 million children were needlessly dying each year. This is his response.


  1. Well done, you!
    What I am curious to know, however, is how convinced you were of
    (a) his won personal sincerity, and
    (b) how it will be translated into real effective action to help kids and their families around the world?

  2. Well done, Sian. I hope he keeps his promises. He seemed sincere enough. Love the fact he asked about your blog and your children too. Hope he ate the energy bar.
    Really hope you get from the trip what you need. xxx

  3. well done Sian, you were fab! I agree with Rosie that he actually seemed quite sincere, or certainly came across that way xxx


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