Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Do you have any spare frocks?

A few weeks ago I met a blogger / journalist from my local newspaper who is in the middle of a pretty tricky challenge called 365 Dresses. It's an ambitious project in aid of the mental health charity Mind and she really could do with a bit of help.
The rules state that she has to wear a different dress every day for 365 days and she's not allowed to buy any of the dresses that she wears. So this is where you guys come in. Do you have a dress that you can donate? She is petite so I'm thinking a size 10 max.
If you have a dress and can help her out, please leave a comment and I will be in touch.
You can also follow her on Twitter and make sure you stop by her blog where she shares an amazingly frank and open narrative of her life under the crushing cloud of bipolar.
All dresses donated will be sold on to raise money for Mind.
Pic from her blog Lost in Notation.


  1. What a fun idea! I am afraid she would get rather lost in my dresses and that would be considering I have dresses to start with... will follow on twitter and blog and see how she is doing :)

  2. I'm happy to send a dress! I was a size 10 (I'm currently size 1,000 as I'm 39 wks preg!!)


  3. - Thank you. Can you pop me an email mummytips at gmail dot com so that I can give you a post address?

  4. I would also be happy to donate a dress. Will e-mail you at address you give above x

  5. Gosh she could use my dresses as a night shelter but I'll ask around my friends to see if they can help!!!

  6. I saw this in Sew Hip magazine recently and I think it's a bloody fab idea.I'll have a gander and sort some stuff out.


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