Saturday, 7 August 2010

Top BlogHer moments part 2

I know that you all think we are over here filling our brains with important blogging stuff.... but really we are dancing!
This fab new Wii Just Dance 2 is out in a couple of months. It's totally awesome.
But who is the better dancer, Jen or Jay?!


  1. Ideal blackmail material Sian! :) And I vote for Jen...she had the hands and the head motions and the "Boy"...really getting her hips into it! Hysterical and classic! ;)

    You'd better hope that they don't get a hold of your Flip to use against you! ;)


  2. OMG I love it lol

    you guys are having way to much fun!

  3. Oh dear. That is a bit embarrassing. At least if I lost my dignity it was for a free t-shirt.

  4. cool! what are the other songs?


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