Monday, 9 August 2010

New York, New York

I've always wanted to go to NYC. It's the one place that has always pulled me.
I didn't start traveling until I got married though and as three babies arrived in lightening speed a city vacation has never been an option for us.
Now that they are a bit older I think that they would adore New York.
Despite my initial enthusiasm I didn't really get to see much of the city. The conference got in the way of my site seeing but yesterday I did manage to take in Central Park via a whirlwind tour on the back of a rickshaw.
It really is the way to do it. Speed Central Park in the 100 degree heat.
It's odd coming from a country steeped in history (there is evidence of a Roman settlement close to our small village) to a place where the oldest structure was built in 1850. If our tour of Central Park was anything to go by the history of NYC is defined by the movies shot there. Spiderman, Face Off, Home Alone, Ghostbusters, Stuart Little, Kramer vs Kramer and a memorial to one of England's greatest musicians.
I took in the tourist hot spot that is The Empire State Building. Rode the subway to South Ferry port to take the free ferry to Staten Island, leaving the Manhattan skyline behind me as I looked in awe at 
Lady Liberty. 
Time Square, 42nd Street, Broadway. The places I dreamt of as a young dancer.
Steaming streets, yellow cabs, bright lights, tall tall buildings. A melting pot of language and race where anything goes or anyone goes.
New York is officially my favorite city in the world.


  1. I am too jealous to possibly post a comment. Soooo jealous.

  2. I so know what you mean, New York is the nuts! I spent 10 days there in 2000 with my Mr and absolutely loved it. I can't wait to take our 3 kids when they're all a bit bigger, it will definitely be our first family city holiday destination.
    Glad you had fun
    Anne x

  3. Sounds good! I went to NYC in 2001 and would love to go back!

  4. It's Phil's favourite city in the world too, he loves it. Me too. We both love New York although have never been together. Odd. He's deployed early next year and shold be taking in NYC, Im gonna fly over to meet up with him while he's there...... so if you fancy coming you're welcome to join us. Bring the kids and yna too xxxxx

  5. The Big Apple - long to visit but not sure they boys would just yet - perhaps as teenagers after seeing all those films!!! Glad you got some sightseeing in!

  6. Hi! I met you at the awkward 'Make Your Photos Better' session at BlogHer. Glad you had a good time, and very proud that you enjoyed New York -- my hometown -- so much. Great to meet you!

  7. No! No! they would like San Francisco even more!

    Cable cars + little kids = awesome!!!

  8. I love New York, in fact I actually got engaged there, by a fountain on the corner of central park and 5th Avenue. It's so much fun.

  9. So glad you got some tourist time!! And you're right - America's history doesn't hold a candle to England's. I wanna come there next!!

  10. Hey I saw how popular you were on Simple, I'd love to know how you got so many votes! could you drop me a line at all on


  11. I have some great memories of New York too. I hope you had some interesting cab rides.

  12. Susanna - No cab rides at all! Did take the subway though.

    Kathcake - Just asked friends to vote for me. It seems I am more popular than I imagined!


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