Friday, 13 August 2010

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  1. You can argue that there are bigger pictures. Saving children will of course lead to challenges for the future in terms of the challenge of sustaining larger populations. This in itself will be a global issue and one which should not be ignored.
    The immediate need though is to answer the cries of children who through no fault of their own, find themselves struggling for life. What price do we place on a single life? To have the chance to make a difference, make sense of this world and to somehow change the future for the better is a gift. You now have a job to do where results could mean the difference between life and death. I know they could not have chosen a better person because in this superficial world we live in, you are one of the few who is blessed with soul and genuinely care. Be safe. Be well.

  2. Sian - Mummy-Tips16 August 2010 at 20:12

    Are you trying to make me cry Mr To?

  3. I think maybe you need to save your tears as you may need them. As for those voices of dissent, let them look upon a child who is dying and let them justify their words. This is not cyberspace. This is not a playground. This is real life and shame on those who would make a point at this cost.

  4. Good heavens above Sian, I can see why you married him!
    Given me goosebumps Mr To. And I'm a hardened cynic!

    Everything he said x


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