Thursday, 12 August 2010


If you follow me on Twitter you will probably have seen my stream kick in with mentions of #Blogladesh this afternoon. But what's it all about?
Along with two other bloggers Eva (@nixdminx) and Josie (@porridgebrain) I will be travelling to Bangladesh with Save the Children Fund to highlight the work they are doing in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

In Bangladesh, 36% of the population live on less than US$1 (64p) a day and 83% live on less than US$2 (£1.28) a day. Extremely poor households are often dependent on income from their young children and around 7.4 million children are engaged in child labour.
These children miss out on the basics that we couldn't imagine not being a part of our own lives, such as food, education, access to medicine and security.
Almost 50% of Bangladeshi children under five years old are underweight or too small for their age. Approximately 2.4 million children aged 6-10, are not enrolled in primary school and the number of street children is estimated to be over 7, 00,000.
Every year around 250,000 children die in Bangladesh before reaching their fifth birthday. They die from things that can be easily prevented or treated like diarrhea, pneumonia and infections and from lack of proper maternity care. Things we take for granted.

We are going to be reporting from the field, tears and all and all we ask of you is to get behind us. Follow us all so that you can feel our trip from every angle. We are all very different bloggers and we will all have a different take on things. RT using our #Blogladesh hashtag, follow our pics on our Flickr stream (details to follow) and make as much noise as possible - because you know what? We can make a difference.
I already linked at the start of this post but if you are not already following Josie and Eva, here is where you can find them.
Eva, Nixdminx or on twitter @nixdminx
If you really, really want to show your support please do use our badge on your site. Your can get the code here.
I will be sure to follow everyone who follows, RT's or shows support for this amazing project and if you do mention our trip on your blog please do add it to the Linky below.


  1. What a brillinat idea and I know you'll all do a great job. I look forwrad to reading all about it. You'll all have to be so strong and you will meet so many amazing people!

  2. wow....amazing. What a brilliant idea and what an opportunity. I look forward to reading all about it, I'm sure it will be hard but such a worthwhile cause. x

  3. Two words: just wonderful.

  4. I've added the badge. I'll be retweeting and yelling your cause from the rooftops to get the word out there. This is going to be heartbreaking and inspiring and wonderful. I can't wait to hear all about it. x

  5. Thank you all for your support.

  6. This is an amazing opportunity. Life changing for all of you I am sure. I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you.

  7. This is all really exciting. Will do what I can to spread the word. I too have been to Bangladesh and was very affected by what I saw there, especially the lives of young mums and babies in the slums of Dhaka. Good luck, with the trip, spreading the word and getting things changed for these people with such desperate lives.

  8. How exciting!! Ali and I have looked at a lot of pictures of Bangladesh, as she is mildly obsessed with it, quite randomly. I can't wait to hear about the trip!

  9. What a brillinat idea and I know you'll all do a great job. I look forwrad to reading all about it. You'll all have to be so strong and you will meet so many amazing people!


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