Wednesday, 21 July 2010

‘Do you suffer from Contender Syndrome?’

‘Do you suffer from Contender Syndrome?’

This is a new trend where women:

Constantly defines herself by what she’s not, and focus on what she hasn’t achieved.
Get depressed by the plethora of amazing deeds everyone else seems to be doing, rather than appreciate her own successes, This is exacerbated by Facebook and social networking sites filled with everyone else’s amazing achievements.
Dream of their big break, when the job, man, family dream all comes together (e.g. the perfect life other people have) rather than seeing how fantastic their life already is.

I am looking for a woman in her thirties who is either still having these feelings or has overcome them. Happy to promote projects / businesses.
If this is you and you.... a journalist from She magazine would like to hear from you. Please pop me an email and I will pass your details on.


  1. Does 39 still count as 30's? Sob! I would definitely fit into this category...sob!

    :) Karin

  2. That is so me!

    I may be managing a bit of both these days, but it takes effort to remind myself and it's always served with a side of doubt.

  3. this is me to a T!! but i doubt i'd be any good for the feature!! :-(

  4. This is so me. Everyone seems to be off at events , writing fabulous blogs Nd I just seem to constantly late. I'm 34 lol xx


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