Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chocco Tastic

Never one to turn down the offer of free chocolate I was more than pleased to be offered a preview of the new Wheetabix Chocolate cereal, especially as we are not big on family breakfasts due to the fact that we have all fallen into a pattern of getting up at totally different times.
FunnyGirl - always first to rise (usually at 5 something) heads straight for the kitchen as food is her primary goal in life.
She's followed by Sonny - who is woken by her plate clattering. Thankfully they have fallen into a joint habit of not waking us as soon as they get up but in reality what that means is that we are woken by the first major screaming match of the day as Sonny tries to switch the channel on to Pokemon something or other when Funny Girl is tucking into her xx bowl of cereal.
Yan is next up,  then ModelGirl and me are usually dragged forcefully from our slumber. She gets her breakfast and I hit the shower so we never actually sit down for a family breakfast.
The Wheetabix was a surprise for my crew and I was amazed at their excitement and eagerness to tuck in to it.
If you follow my blog you'll already know that I have two very fussy eaters and a third that is all too easily influenced by her older siblings.
They all polished off their first bowl and all asked for a second and I have to say that we are now well into our third box. So thank you Wheetabix for banishing the coco pops and getting a bit of fibre into my children in the morning.
New chocolate Wheetabix  £2.59 for 24.
So that was breakfast. Then the post arrived and to my utter delight I received a beautifully packaged bot of chocolate brownies from to try out.
Soft, moist and totally delish your box of Hill Cottage Bakery yumminess (OK so I know that's not a real word) contains twelve chunky squares of brownie delight gift wrapped in a way that I only dream of.
I'm not good at gift wrapping but that's only because I'm busy and getting excited about more exciting things like getting through the next round on Angry Birds... Anyway, that really is another post.
So. If you are looking for an amazing gift at the £15 mark, look no further that Hill Cottage Bakery. No1 son is trying to talk me into a monthly goodie package to uni.... as much as I like the idea - I am thinking he has a long way to go!


  1. Those brownies look scrummy.... and the wheetabix too.

  2. We liked the weetabix too and the goodies that came with it. Is that Rosie of Scribble out and about with that business card? Her skirt looks a little short. Have a word will you, sis?

  3. The box of goodies was awesome.... Though I am off Jenga after dropping the huge, heavy garden Jenga bag on my foot - but that's another story. Worry not young Scribble.... that is Amy Lee. She is a bit of a siort and refuses to take heed on the skirt length thing.


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