Thursday, 1 July 2010

But who bags the prize?

Only two days to go till the first CyberMummy conference. It's been hard work pulling it all together so I really hope that everyone has an amazing day.

Thank you to everyone who entered The CyberMummy Gallery, an even bigger thank you to Tara over at Sticky Fingers for letting me piggy back on her idea and to the lovely people at Photobox for turning this virtual gallery into reality.

Enough waffling I hear you say..... we want to know who bags the prizes......

In third place is the lovely Mirka (and Isabell) from All Baby Advice
They win a medium photo canvas and a personalised A4 photobook courtesy of Photobox.

In second place is How I Like my Coffee.
Who also wins a medium photo canvas and a personalised A4 photobook from Photobox.

And the winner is...............
Claire from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly with her pic of the very cute LG.
She wins an ornate framed canvas, a personalised photobook and a photo ted all courtesy of Photobox.
Well done to you all and thanks to Photobox for choosing the winners.
See you at CyberMummy.


  1. What great photos, and they do all look like proper Motherhood photos to me!

    Congratulations everyone!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxx You have made my day ;)

  3. All three are beautiful photos that make me go ahhhhhh. Congrats to all x

  4. beautiful pics. Looking forward to seeing the whole gallery :)

  5. Lovely photos congratulations everyone x

  6. Awww, these are lovely. Congratulations everyone! Can't wait to see them on display on Saturday.

  7. Gorgeous photos. Congratulations to the winners!

  8. Such lovely photos. Can't wait to see them on display. x

  9. Awww, lovely pics and well deserved winners. :0)

  10. Ooh congratulations you three - lovely shots every one :)

  11. Yay me! I am so chuffed.

  12. They're fantastic, congratulations xx

  13. Wooohooo I won. i won. I am so terribly excited and totally honoured. The other pictures are just beautiful. xxx

  14. Great pictures well done!!!!
    Can't believe they didn't want to see me as a 1950's mummy emortalised on canvas though - the rollers - surely they deserved a prize!!!


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