Friday, 25 June 2010

What will I be wearing to CyberMummy?????

It's been an odd old week in the dare I call it 'mummy' blogging 'community'.....

Still, I tell myself chin up, breathe in and smile....

Apart from all the negativity - today's good news has still managed to shine through. My hubby.... the very talented Yan To has just had his collection order through from Harrods. Nothing like going in at the top is there?
I am so proud of him and I hope that this gives him affirmation in his abilities that will make him soar.

So to CyberMummy I will be wearing these trousers (as ordered by Harrods...)
Though not with the heels or the skinny tummy......

And.... this Christoper Kane T shirt.

About sums my week up really!


  1. Congratulations to him, and love the T-shirt!

  2. Where are my trousers????!!!!! I forgot about those!!!!!

    And fab t-shirt xx

    And well done Yan. Woohooo!

  3. Yippee Yan

    They look very sexy, he obviously had you in mind while designing them.
    Bet they don't come in my size;-)

    Have a great time at Cybermummy.

  4. Harrods?
    Woo, and indeed, Hoo! How brilliant is that? Well done Yan.

    And, LOVE that tee. I had the cheapie one he did for topshop last year (until my sister 'claimed' it. ahem.)


  5. Wow, amazing trousers and very talented husband. Hope his collection is big sell out and I'm sure you'll look fabulous in them even if you are not same shape was the model in the picture!

  6. They are some pretty cool trousers. Your hubby is super talented. He is doing what I wanted to be when I grew up lol. Great t-shirt too. x

  7. WHAT? Oh My God. I'm wearing those trousers! ;)

  8. Congratulations to your the trousers. Look forward to meeting you again next Saturday. X

  9. Those trousers are fantastic! Congrats to him. Did you work out getting to BlogHer yet? Not really sure what's happened in the bloggie world, but big hugs to you. Hope alls okay.

  10. wow, congrats to him!

    You look like you're gonna be the coolest mummy on the block :)


  11. Wow. Just a quick look at the website. Amazing! Well done Jan x

  12. Love the look. Many congatulations to your husband.

  13. These look amazing. Apparently i need to up my game!

  14. Love love loving the trousers. I think I'm going for a comfy jumpsuit. Are you changing for the evening? x

  15. Ooh, lovely trousers - and congratulations to Yan. How exciting!

  16. Well done Yan- does he have a spare, equally talented in fashion brother I can pinch? Sure Elder wouldn't mind! xxx

  17. Okay so I'm way behind on my google reader, but I was totally admiring your pants/trousers on Saturday---super cute!

  18. Wow your hubby designed that? You looked rocking! Congrats to him.

  19. Wow gorgeous trousers,
    where can I find out more about your husband's designs? I would love to include something about them on my new blog for stylish mums...


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