Monday, 21 June 2010

What are you wearing and other dilema's....

I just about gave myself a heart attack when after popping by the CyberMummy blog I spotted that there are only 11 days to go....
We still have lots of jobs to do behind the scenes but I am starting to get slightly obsessed by what I will be wearing, fueled by all you bloggers who are sharing the very same obsession.
So I'm handing this one out to you all.
I'm going to come back with some ideas later - but feel free to share using the Linky Blog Hop below.


  1. ooo what a fab idea, I will do my post tonight hopefully and link up xxxxxxxx

  2. Im guessing you're wearing:

    Black bottoms, black top, channel necklace (or bag). A bit of lippy and a huge smile :)

    I am wearing nothing. Nada. Im coming naked. Half time entertainment!

  3. Am I that predictable?!... Might just surprise you!


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