Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Gallery...... Emotions

It would have been too easy to take a self portrait of myself looking haggered and worn for this weeks The Gallery..... but I would at least like to portray an outward image of serenity and calm for you all even if I am playing the opposite game inside.
This weeks prompt as all you Gallery regulars will know is a joint effort from Tara and the equally fab Josie from Sleep is for the Weak (who incidentally will both be at my CyberMummy conference on Saturday).

I have been a mum for nearly twenty years. This year I will be thirty eight. My whole adult life has been defined by my children.

I learnt the hard way that you should NEVER take any relationship for granted. My life and soul was ripped apart when my little boy was taken from me. We relished every minute together.

When I'd stopped looking it engulfed me.

For the first time in my life.

Sonny.... the second chance at being a mum that I truly thought I would never get.
The first pink wash.
A baby girl... named after the famous swinging 60's boutique, Biba. That's model girl to you all....
The shining light that nearly never was.... but is my Babetsta and your FunnyGirl
I yell (a lot), I'm grumpy (a lot), I'm stressed (a lot), I work (a lot), I'm bad ass at arcade Tekken and Space Invaders, I have to win at (everything). I love @byYanTo, my children, Cheryl, my manky dog Purdy, Blythe dolls and the fact that I have met some amazing people through blogging who I know will be my true friends forever.
I hate....
Well I said I was going to be positive - so I will save that for another day.
Be happy..... by Biba. xx


  1. What a beautiful post, and stunning pictures. Lovely.

  2. Your children - all of them - are just incredibly beautiful. And you are too. Inside and out.

  3. What a great positive post - I find when I focus on the positives the negatives dont have the space! I am so looking forward to meeting you on Sat

  4. You ARE NOT 38!!!! Get outta here! Are you? Wow. Wish I had those genes. Looking forward to meeting you Sian. Vix x

  5. Vegemite Vix..... I so am.....roll on Saturday!

    Mad House
    Thank you. Positives all the way!

    Deer Baby
    Thank you.

    Thank you too!

    I am fearing that it's all gonna go south quick smart!

    Thanks and cant wait to meet you!

  6. I love your take on life Sian. It's a shining example x

  7. Not sure if my previous comment held so...I love the way you have set out the various emotions that have dictated your recent life! So many lovely smiles!

  8. Lovely post Sian - I had no idea that you'd lost your son... he's the same age as my daughter x

  9. I love this post, you have no idea how much I love this post. Your precious and beautiful babies and you. xx

  10. Nickie,
    I lost custody of my No1 son when I had post natal depression. It crushed me and the feeling of having my precious four year old prized from my arms as we both screamed takes my breath away even now.
    He's grown into an amazing young man and our bond has strengthened.
    I'm proud to be his mum.

    Those pics make me want more babies...

  11. Fab pictures sis, fab words. They were always going to be because you're fab too. xxx

  12. Beautiful post and what gorgeous kids you have :)

  13. Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing! x

  14. Really touching post, thanks for sharing. Jen

  15. Beautiful, touching post and lovely photographs too! =)

  16. Thank you for all the lovely comments people. Rosie... you are pretty fab yourself!

  17. What an uplifting, postive, joyful and poignant post. I am having a good old grin now, fab!

  18. Your kids are all so beautiful. What a fabulous tribute.

  19. What a lovely calm happy post. going to follow your blog.

  20. Mum to Mom - thank you... I will head over to yours too.

    Jackie - Thank you. I am blessed for sure.

    Christine - Her grim is something else for sure.

  21. I agree with the above a really touching post, even though you've had some truly hard times you sound so positive and happy now. lovely pictures the kids are gorgeous!

  22. What a great post, love the photos too. Wow, you looked so different from when I met you ;

  23. Sian - just seen your reply to me - thanks for explaining - can't IMAGINE how you coped with that. I'm glad you've managed to keep a relationship going. Much love to you x

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