Monday, 17 May 2010

The She Magazine Shoot

I went off to London this morning to a photo shoot for an article on internet addiction for the July issue of She magazine. I was joined by fellow pr / mummy blogger Catherine from BabyGenie, Laura from Petit Poppet and Emma the PR sweetie from my favorite online designer fashion boutique,

I've been having a bit of a personal downer on blogging over the last week. You know that thing where you stamp and say, 'That's it, I quit. I am over blogging and bored of the meanies and numpties.' 
So I wasn't really looking forward to the shoot but I had fun and it was lovely to meet Catherine in person after tweeting with her and reading her blog for so long. She said some lovely things about CyberMummy and her encouragement has helped to lighten my view on things, so thank you Catherine.
Here's what we got up to....
Catherine in make up and Laura getting curly.
Emma can't bend to put her shoes on as it creases her trousers!
Laura's turn in front of the camera.
Catherine gets fiddled with.
I look pissed off!
And I look pissed off again... but seriously, beige is just not my colour. But make up..... a big fat 10/10!
But you are going to have to wait till tomorrow for that.... cause I have been playing self portrait for this weeks The Gallery!
One more thank you for today and that is to Josie at Sleep is for the Weak for using my post on bullying as one of her prompts in this weeks writing workshop.
Do you want to know if you have this god dammed awful, highly contagious internet addiction? Check out Rosie's post over on Ready for Ten and take the test.


  1. Am really touched that you mentioned our chat, it was so nice to meet you in person - although you are far to glamorous!
    I am so over excited about CyberMummy and thanks to you I'm going to get to meet some very good friends for the first time - consider yourself very much appreciated by me and the mummy blogging community xxx

  2. Where are the numpties, show them over here and I will beat them up. Loving the make up

  3. You all looked gorgeous and it sounds like a brilliant day. Can't wait to see you all in the magazine!! xx

  4. Love the hair and the make up. By the way, I think you look lovely in beige. Can't wait to see the July SHE.
    I was chosen for a new glossy mummy magazine makeover, but have stupidly not taken any pictures and am still waiting for them to send me some. Great experience ;)

  5. Loving the hair and make up - you look uber glam

    Can't wait to get to meet you in July (and shake your hand for making it all happen)

  6. you ladies are too kind and just what you need after a week at the bottom of the pile. I owe each of you a very large drink at CyberMummy. Your support means a lot ro me. xx

  7. Ah Siany, you look fab! Make-up is beautiful, and I actually quite like the beige . . . it's shiny, and we like it ;>)

  8. Fab pics Sian! Was so great to meet you. You and Catherine have inspired me to be mroe commited to my blog! x

  9. Your look gorgeous darling and that colour looks fabulous with your hair. Don't ever quit or I'm come over and shout at you. I know where you live (well sort of).And thanks for the mention!

  10. sexy love the makeup. I shall keep the comments about the dress to myself :D

  11. look very glam! What a fun time...sorry I missed out on it! :(


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