Monday, 3 May 2010

ModelGirl gets her moment

I have blogged before about the insecurities of my beautiful daughter but yesterday she stepped up to the mark and was awarded for her skill and practice. She won the area under 11 Girls trampoline competition. She is 8.
I am so proud of her... but more importantly she was proud of herself too. She had a little light in her eye that was still there when she greeted me this morning. She had practiced, she overcome not only her nerves but she blocked out that very big voice in her head that tells her that she isn't as good as everyone else.
I hope that she remembers this day for as long as I do.

And the others...... Totally Sonny won his group.... but he was the only one in it again (and for the record ModelGirl's score was much better!) and FunnyGirl in her first ever outing did a brilliant first round but forgot what she was doing in the second, slicing her score and leaving her 5th.
She says she is going to stick to dancing!
But I leave you with the Star of the Day.


  1. How lovely....something to be so proud of. Well done to your children. x

  2. Well done Modelgirl and siblings! x

  3. Super Congrats to ModelGirl, she really is a star! :-)
    I'm so proud of her, FunnyGirl and TotallySonny, they really are such talented treasures!! :-)

  4. Huuuuge congratulations! You look so proud in your photo, I hope you know how brilliant you are.


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