Saturday, 29 May 2010

Help a blogger get to CyberMummy

There have been some pretty amazing acts of kindness floating around in the blogosphere this week and a huge increase in people buying anonymous gift tickets so that their online friends can come along to CyberMummy too.
Lots of you will know that I've been on a mission for the last couple to months to pair bloggers with sponsors and I'm pleased to say that I'm starting to see some of this come to fruition but I know that there are lots more people out there who desperately want to come along but just don't have the means to stump up the funds.
Then I had an email from yet another generous blogger asking if we had a ticket donation fund?

Well we didn't - but now we do.
So, if you would like to help another blogger to get to CyberMummy but you can't afford to buy a whole ticket, here is where you can help.
It doesn't matter how much you donate. One pound, five pounds, twenty pounds or five pence - it will all go towards getting another blogger to the event.

Yes, you may say... but what if I want to come to CyberMummy but I can't afford a ticket?
Simple. Leave a comment.... or pop me an email using the link at the top right of my blog with your name and blog address and you will go on to the list.

The fund will remain open until June 15th and the ticket recipients will be chosen using the random number generator at
So, if you want to help... get to it!


  1. Fab idea, especially as I'm soooooooo desperate to go and so very skint on maternity leave!

  2. I think that is fab that you are helping people attend. Can you work miracles and sort a babysitter for the day?? alas I won't be there. Mich x

  3. That's so awesome that other bloggers are helping people get to CyberMummy! There are some lovely, generous people in the world after all!!! xx

  4. I'd absolutely love to come but being a newly established WAHM, I don't have lots of funds spare for anything other than day to day living at the moment. Fingers crossed!

  5. What a lovely idea! I'd love to go but can't afford it so would love to be included x

  6. I would love to go. But with the travel from Scotland and the ticket I can't afford it. I have entered if every competition but no luck there. I can afford 1 but not the other. Please enter me? Good luck to everyone else as I know I'm not the only one desparate to go. xx

  7. That's such a fab idea -pay it forward, is that what it's called?
    I only just found out about CyberMummy & would love to go too please!


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