Thursday, 20 May 2010

Have drinks damaged your kids teeth?

QUERY: Have sugary drinks damaged your kids’ teeth?

A journo friend of mine is looking for a mum and child – or children – where the children
have teeth decay  and fillings and the mum thinks they’re down to
drinking sugary or fizzy drinks. Or maybe even too much fruit juice. Ideal
would be someone who didn’t give their kids sweets but got caught out by
drinks. It’s for a helpful and informative article for mums and children,
a serious health piece with expert comment etc. You would need to be
interviewed on phone by me asap, and the paper would come and take pictures
of you and your child. If you can help or know someone else who can, please
get in touch! lucybulmer at blueyonder dot co dot uk

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  1. Obviously not eligible, unless someone wants a trip to Chicago - but I'm living proof of the damage that can be done to teeth from sugary drinks. When I a toddler, my mother had two babies younger than me. Apparently I talked a lot and was generally high maintenance so she gave me Del Rosa Syrup (very sugary) in a dummy with a liquid receptacle (like a very small bottle). By the time I was 10 every single one of my teeth was filled, and my siblings don't have a filling between them.
    It has cost me a small fortune in adult treatment.


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