Thursday, 1 April 2010

The new Stokke® Xplory®

On the whole I love my job. I get to travel, meet lots of different people, advise them on how to get their ideas to market and to support them right through the process.
Then I have my big accounts and the passion that I have for them is every inch as consuming as it is for my start ups.
I've just come back from a few days at the UK's biggest nursery trade show in Harrogate. I spent time with all of my clients, met with ad reps and journalists, drank and ate (don't get me started on the Soft Shell Crab from the best restaurant in Harrogate!).
This years show had an added element for me as it was my big Stokke® press reveal and the culmination of months and months of preparation for the whole Stokke® team.
As you know I don't often harp on about my own clients products but I love this so much that I just cannot help myself.
People of the blogosphere....... I bring you the new Stokke® Xplory®.......
Inside Xplory's new super slick, uber cool exterior you still get all of the stuff that made me fall head over heels with Xplory® when it launched back in 2003. I was one lucky mummy back then. Brought on board to launch this revolutionary stroller in the UK, I was already a Stokke® mum through and through. 
FunnyGirl slept in her Sleepi and each of my little ones had Tripp Trapp's. I walked away from my first meeting with my new clients with one of the very first Stokke® Xplory's in the UK.
I loved it with all my heart - and for a self confessed pushchair geek that is pretty hardcore. My Xplory® love has never died and despite the odd couple of things that I might of modified if given the chance I wouldn't have given it up for the world.

Then I saw the new version......
It took my breath away (in a sad geeky kind of way). I got excited.... really excited... the new curved form of the footrest with it's new single handed operation. The soft ready assembled bright new fabrics that encapsulated the seat to make it feel like a welcoming cocoon. An extra large hood with a pop away visor offers more protection from the elements and no messy fabrics hanging from the opened hood.
Did I mention the shopping basket? Seriously..... there was nothing wrong with it before. I know from personal experience that you could get four pairs of boxed new shoes in there and still have room for a trip around Selfridges... But now it's even bigger.
A new sling style changing bag that attaches easily from the chassis no matter which way your seat is facing and a celebrity blanket that poppers on to the hood eliminating the need for the manky muslin square that adorns way too many strollers  (in my humble geeky capacity) and a snazzy new red brake completes the new Rider board modified chassis (did I tell you I named the Rider board??!! Of course I did... proudest pr moment!).
Of course all of the strollers original innovative features remain. All the seat positions, forward and rearward facing, seat up and down and the super cool two wheel function. Giving you a stroller so totally fab that I'm thinking that I'm going to need a new baby.
That is just the standard stroller though.... there are extras.....
But I think I'm going to keep you waiting for a few more days to tell you about them! That is the PR in me.... sorry!
The new Stokke® Xplory® is available in the UK from the end of April. For those of you who already own an Xplory® and have the needing torturous urge to upgrade, new seat units are available to buy and they will fit onto your existing chassis.
The beautiful new colours are, beige, red, blue, purple, green and dark navy.
For prices etc... pop over to the official Stokke UK blog


  1. So excited! The colors are all so pretty, too :)

  2. I really didnt think there was a need to update my Xplory until I saw this. I want. I shall rock a purple one in good time!

  3. I'm going to start saving now so that I can afford one when the next one comes along!!

  4. Ooh, I'll have the purple one. I may need to borrow someone's baby though. My daughter is a little too old!

  5. I'm half tempted to try for another baby just so I can buy the new Xplory. Love the colours, especially the purple.

  6. anyone knows where to buy it from in the US. or even online and ship to the US. I cant find the new one anywhere online

  7. H...
    The new Xplory® launches in the US on May 15th. There is an exclusive event at buybuyBABY in NYC. The have an amazing launch offer which is..
    Get a FREE $210 Carry Cot/Bassinet with purchase of the new Xplory® stroller.


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