Saturday, 10 April 2010

My Name is Sian and I am an addict....

I found this out at approx 6pm this evening but don't worry.... I'm OK.
This morning I was interviewed  for a mag feature by a fellow blogger (who is clearly an addict herself..... though I am mentioning no names.....) about my excessive time spent on line. 
We had a great chat about blogging, tweeting, family, life, friends.... real ones - you know the ones that you see having bad fashion and days as apposed to my tweeting / blogging freaky pals that sit at their computers all day... unwashed and in their PJ's. Yes - that's you...... and you..... and you.....

Post conversation I went about the rest of my day..... did you know that I wasn't working today? That I was actually standing firm.... ramming my ears full of cotton wool.... turning my music up real loud so that I couldn't hear the call of my G4......("ooohhhh..... you have a million need to read them....and look at all of these people on Twitter trying to talk to you...")

and my iphone.... "check your Twitter stream, check your Twitter stream, check your Twitter stream, check your Twitter stream......."

and my Blackberry..... email, email, email, email, email... shit that thing blinks so much it could actually give me a migraine.
But I'm strong.... (well not really but I do pop my iphone on my speakers and hit switch to plane mode so that I can dance to Hannah Montanna with the girls..., and leave my Blackberry in my bag so that I don't think I am in a 70's disco.....

That's good right? No one can call me??....
And I forgot to pay the phone bill....... AGAIN..... so the home phone is saying N-O-T-H-I-N-G.......

And I am so not listening to my iphone / mac / blackberry.... seriously... I can do this.

I make dinner.
They eat.
We clean the kitchen.
Hubby takes the bambino's to swimming club. 

They reverse out the drive and I am on my puter in a nano second....... That's OK right? normal.... not the sign of an addict? 

I felt serene as I checked my email, took big calm deep breath's.... replied to a couple of comments on my blog and then switched to my Twitter window...
(Gasps, gasps again, checks the time..... 6.13pm and pours wine)....
My nice, blogging journo had tweeted to tell me that the Harley Street Dr with whom she had spoken about me this afternoon had diagnosed me as an addict!

Of course I re tweeted and added to my Facebook profile as soon as I heard ....I feel proud... so if there is anyone out there that would like to help me cure my addiction...... you know where I am!
In there meantime I cannot see a better opportunity than this for passing on a badge of honor.....
I give you Tweeters Anonymous..... xx Feel free to add the badge!
I am an addict


  1. My name's Vic and I'm an addict.
    (and I'm also just fine with that)

  2. Think I may be addicted too, just came back from a week in Egypt and the first thing I did was check twitter.

    Dont think there is a cure though, no 12 step plan for us twitter addicts.

  3. I am an addict too, but I am receving help. Well MadDad is getting to the point of asking if my arse is glued to that chair!

  4. My name's Claire and I am in denial.

  5. I blogged about this earlier this week too - I'm totally addicted


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