Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kids have clown feet

Yesterday morning just as we were all about to file in to the car for school, Model girl announces that her school shoes are too small. great timing I am thinking and yes if i was a better mother I would have had everything ship shape, checked out and ready for the new school term - but I am clearly not living up to even my own usual standards.
Now I know that her fav black patent DM boots are also too tight and they are the only other pair of black shoes that she owns. So white trainers and a note to the teacher apologising for being a bad mother is what I opt for - along with the promise of a new pair of shoes for the following day.
The kids pile in off the school bus and after inspecting Sonny's shoes I tell him he's coming too.
We go off to Clarke's and ModelGirl gets her feet measured. She had been wearing a size 13. Newly measured she is a size 2! A size 2..... I can't quite believe it. She is 8.
Now already having one boy with huge feet I wasn't hoping for a dainty number from the other side of the room. Sonny aged 9 new size 3 1/2.
Now I don't know about the rest of you but I think that kids today have huge feet. They seem to be turning into a nation of clowns.
Then I popped over to Babyrambles site to leave my height for the chart that she is putting together and I thought why not add to what she is doing by compiling a shoes size chart too?
I am a seemingly dainty size 5... and at the rate my kids are going they will be stealing my shoes in approx 12 months!
Leave your shoe size in a comment before April 21st, I'll compile the list and also send out a surprize gift to one random reader.
Please state the obvious.... ie if you are male or female..... and shoe sizes can be in any format - as long as you state which measurement you are using.
For example... I am a UK size 5 or a euro size 38.
Please do take part - the more info the better the chart....


  1. am the same as you Sian - 5, 38.

    Know the feeling, it doesn't seem five mins ago that my boys were wearing Daisy Roots!


  2. I too have clown feet, a UK size 8 or sometimes 9 (not many shops in UK stock a ladies size 8)

    Although I would probably fall over if they were smaller ;)

    Ellie :)

  3. My feet hev grown in the last year since I had Little E!

    I was a 5 but am now a 5 and a half!


  4. I'm a 4/4.5 but wear 5 in some brands.

  5. I'm a size 6 myself, but I had V measured today and he is a size 10 (!) and has just turned 4. This seems huge to me. I am worried they will morph into flippers....

  6. I am female and a size 4 :)

  7. Lol, great idea. And you're offering a free gift too! I didn't think of that one. I'm a clumpy size 8.

  8. im a size 6.5! or a 7 in boots!

    when i loose weight tho, i go down to a 5.5! weird huh!!

    My kids ALL have HUGE feet,
    9yo is size 3
    7yo is a size 1.5
    5yo is a 1
    and Sophie is a EU size 27!!
    (she's got the biggest feet ever for a 2yr old!)

  9. I am female and 5'3" and a UK 6.5/7! Since having Little Miss my feet went up at least a half size. Little Miss is a size 5 and a bit in wee size! ;)

  10. Im a perfect size 6. But I have shoes in a range of sizes coz sometimes I just have to have them.....

    Yes, I know. I am a freak. You've told me a MILLION times before. But clearly not as freaky as you clownkids!

  11. As long as no one starts asking for my weight, BMI or bra size I'm happy to join in!
    Before children I was 6 and a half. Now I'm a 7.

  12. Oh my, I feel like a freak! I am so glad my feet didn't grown when I had my son I might be a 9 or a 10!!!!!

  13. I'm also a perfect size 6. Sadly that's just my shoe size ;)

  14. Pre-kids I was a uk 4 now I'm a 5.

    I think must have contrary kids as they have smaller feet than all the others mentioned

    10yo girl size 13.5
    8 yo boy 11
    7 yo girl 11.5
    5 yo girl 9

    I know my lad is small but he was only a size 2 when he started walking.

  15. I used to be a UK 4.5 but since having a baby I am a 5!

  16. Sometimes I'm a UK5 and sometimes a UK6. I think I'm probably a 5 1/2 really.

  17. I have (UK) size 5 feet although they seem to be shrinking as I am sure once upon a time I wore size 6 and in my search for shoes last winter I have ended up with 4.5 and 5

    My boys all have small feet - the eldest is still in the trainers I bought last June!

  18. I'm a size 5 too - and I agree about the clown feet - Dylan's are huge.

  19. I'm a size 6, BG at 16 months is already in her a size 6, she's going to have clown feet and be tall like her daddy

  20. I'm a 7 1/2, occasionally an 8 (I know, giant foot).

  21. I have a bit of a phobia of feet, and have always been embarrassed about my shoe size (a UK 8) after my best friend's dad went on and on about how HUGE my feet were (best friend is tiny and petite and can still wear kids' shoes). Scarred for life.

  22. I'm a UK size 6 but like some others have said - my feet have grown since I had the children - odd I know but I used to be a size 5!

  23. I am a 5 1/2 shoe but 6 in a boot x Georgia used to have tiny feet but they suddenly just grew and now she is the same size as me!!!!

  24. I am 5 and a half or 38.5 - I mostly wear size 6 though as my feet are wide to counteract my boobs (that's what I tell myself anyway!)

  25. I'm a 7.5-8. I wish I could be a 4 or something - there's always that size left in the sales.

  26. I take an 8, occasionally a 9.. which is pants. I used to mystery shop for River Island but stopped doing it because I always used to get evil looks when I asked for a size 8 and they genuinely thought I was from another planet.

  27. i know that i am to late for the chart, but my kids also have massive feet,my dd3 aged 2yrs is a size 8,my teens wear the same size as their dad size 10-11 and dd1 and 2 are a 3-4 aged 11yrs and 9yrs ....me however i am a normal middle of the road uk 6

  28. Awww, am I too late for this? I'm a 6 1/2 - 7 UK, 8 1/2 - 9 USA shoe size. They're narrow or at least they used to be before I had my last son so that's wherein my problem lies.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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