Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I want that poncho and I want it now.....

My addiction to blogging and tweeting has been well documented - but I have one more of my addictions to share and in honesty..... I don't actually think I have told anyone about this.
I can't do the shoe thing... so my fashion addiction (apart from handbags) is the humble poncho.
I feel better already...
Now I have been tracking a super fab poncho that I spotted in a pic on the wall of our local H&M. I stood underneath and marveled at its utter perfection and set about finding this lustful delight only to be told...
"oohhhh...... no sorry - that's from the Trend Collection, London, Birmingham or Manchester only....."
I left peacefully and warm in the knowledge that I could take a detour past Oxford Circus when I was in London the next day.
I arrived full of eager excitement.....
"Sorry, we have just sold the last one... try Regent Street.."
 So I raced down Regent Street as fast as my little legs would carry me.....
"We had a couple when we opened this morning - but do you know what? I think we sold them both.... try Kensington."
And so this little game continued - through all seven of H&M stores around the west end.
I went home deflated, defeated. I wanted that poncho, I loved it. I would care for it, fold it and put it neatly away.... but it was not to be..
I mourned and deduced that the only way to overcome my grief was to find a better poncho. I would show H&M!
And then..... as if by magic and in true Mr Ben style I saw a post from a fellow blogger about this Casha delight.
All thoughts of H&M and their cheap acrylic knit went out of the window. I had found my true love (and in black).... did I say a girl can never have too many black poncho's?
I took out my credit card, paid and prayed for fast delivery. The next day it arrived beautifully packaged. Wrapped and boxed - did I tell you how much I like boxes?!
Soft and snuggly, light and warm. I fell in love instantly and my H&M hell was a thing of the past.
I have at least ten poncho's - so I do know what I am talking about here. My problem was that I never felt that I had one for all occasions - until now. My search for Mr Right (Poncho) is finally over - the poncho that ticks all of my boxes.
Black. Warm on a cool day. Cool on a warm day but most importantly it is so compact that it fits inside my Chanel 2.55! Sheer perfection.
I do have one slight issue - and that is that they don't do a children's size. I would love these for my girls and then they might stop stealing mine.....
Casha 100% pure cashmere poncho £130 available in black, beige and grey www.casha.co.uk


  1. Isnt is funny, Karma as they say. Well done you

  2. I love poncho's too!

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