Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Gallery...... Joy

I have been thinking this week's The Gallery over all weekend, trying to pull out happy bits of my life. I've settled on this picture taken on my wedding day.
I had at this point spend many year battling with depression and on top of that trying to make my life and my body work in a way that I wanted them to. 
Then I met Yan. I knew the moment that I set my eyes on him that I was going to marry him. I didn't tell him right there and then.... unsure of how to throw into the PR pitch I was giving but things did move pretty quickly and less than a year after our first meeting we were married.
I have to say that he is the most amazing person that I have ever met. He puts up with all of my tears and tantrums (there are many), he loves me, supports me and guides me. He has given me the three most beautiful children and I don't know who or what I would be without him.
My Joy.....


  1. What a lovely picture and a lovely story. xx

  2. Crikey, you made me cry! So lovely you found your happy ending.


  3. You both look beautiful and so happy.

  4. bloody hell fire, that is just gorgeous Sian. Just gorgeous.
    I love how you've really settled into The Gallery like it's some big ole warm blanket to pull around us all when we come over and visit.
    It really shows that you put some thought into this, it really does x

  5. You both look so happy, a good man is a treasure. Hold on tight

  6. I just love the way he is looking at you.

    Joy, definitely.

  7. What a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous couple. Perfect...that's all I can say...

  8. That doesnt look like you at all!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful, just beautiful x

  10. Oh that's lovely. And look at the way he is looking at you so adoringly!

  11. A true joyous photograph, thanks for sharing....


  12. What a lovely story! Made me tear up a little! True happiness seems so rare these days, so treasure it!

  13. You look so different!! Lovely picture of you both.
    BTW I've just gone bright red (hair that is), back to my roots!


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