Friday, 30 April 2010

Celeb look-a-likey!

Due to some random web surfing today I came across this fab app that you just have to try. It's from My and it's just a bit of fun but if got me sucked in good and proper! It is a face recognition app that tells you which celebs you look like and it is classic.
So here are mine... as you can see I got a tad carried away - but it is so addictive!
So this is me now....
I'm not too peeved to look like any of those ladies....
But what about the blog me..... my Blythe girl Amy Lee?
So she resembles a man! OK but on the upside who doesnt want to look like the beautiful Audrey Tautou?
Now I'm on a roll....
This is a brown haired me...... OK so it was taken about nine years ago but that was the very last time I saw my natural colour! Still feeling good that I have a super model in there.
Natural next move was to Model Girl...
Wow 90%.... perhaps she's Renne Zellweger's secret love child!
And FunnyGirl.....
Dear me... Charlotte Church..... lets hope she can sing like her!

So friends.... I challenge you.... and to get the ball rolling I'm tagging Claire at The Good, the bad and the ugly, Karin at Cafebe and Kat at Housewife Confidential

Pop over to the My Heritage site and create your own celeb collage, post it on your blog and then pop back here to add your addition to the Linky....
I can't wait to see who you all look like!


  1. Brown haired you looks like Toni Collette!

  2. Is Rhona Cameron not on their database?

  3. haha I did one of those a year or so ago - Its on my facebook somewhere, I'll dig it out and do a recent one and see what the difference is!!! x

  4. This is brilliant!

  5. What a wonderful app! Off to have a look now!

  6. Have posted my own! - Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Have done mine!

    Love it!! xxxx

  8. Your lookalikes for You Now are suitably hot looking


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