Thursday, 4 March 2010

How often do you lie to your kids?

Some of this mornings papers reported that us naughty mummy's (and daddy's) tell our children on average 100 lies a year. Am I missing something here? Because I would say 100 a week would be on the low side. Maybe I'm an exception but I have a feeling that I'm not.
I'm not talking big massive untruth's here, just the little white ones.

For example..

Today I woke at 6.05am, thanks to FunnyGirl bursting into our bedroom and stating that she needed to pee. She has her own toilet but prefers to pee in ours.

Lie 1. You go and get your breakfast and I will be down in a minute. (Yan got up and I went back to sleep but I was tortured by my lie as I had a bad dream about my Mini getting squashed between two mobile homes and it had all of the dance costume inside... random!).

Lie 2. If you don't make your bed I am going to eat your Panda's.
To FunnyGirl again. She knows I don't eat pandas.

Lie 3. I will have written your name in all of your dance costumes by the time you get home from school.
Erm, I know that I still technically have a couple of hours but no chance.

Lie 4. I will look for ToTo.
Again, bare faced with that one.... ModelGirl will come home from school and expect ToTo to be waiting for her - so that she can lend him to her friend along with her Dorothy costume for tomorrow's World Book Day.

Lie 5. I am going to ban TV for a week if you don't turn it down.
Something I am sure you have all said.

Lie 6. "What are you eating mum?"..... me... "nothing"
When I clearly have a whole jaffa cake in my mouth.

Do you see my point. I'm already at five on day one and they have been at school all day.
But I do stand firm in the fact that I have never told them any big bad lies - well apart from the one about it taking the tooth fairy three or four days to find our house because we live in the countryside - but that's not too bad is it?

What about you? Big black ones or little white ones?


  1. I'm a big fat lyer!! I never stop! And then we wonder why our kids tells lies.

    CJ xx

  2. David (14mos) thinks that raisins are sweets and will request raisins rather than chocolate buttons. Who am I to correct him?

  3. Guilty! My day is littered with little white lies and subtle threats of impending doom to various toys or treats. Haven't told any proper big bad lies though - yet. It will inevitably happen very soon though!

  4. Hi - just found your blog via BMB - this post is so funny. I have just used the in a minute lie myself.

    Great blog will be back xo

  5. I lie endlessly. And then, if my boys catch me out, I tell them off for being rude.

    I'm an awesome mum!


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