Monday, 15 February 2010

Help my domain name's been stolen

All my regular readers are aware that I have been having more than my fair share of computing issues recently. 
First I wiped my blog, then I found out that my custom url wasn't attached properly to my blogspot creating probs with my stats, then I lost all of my email when the cats decided to re inact a battle on my keyboard......
Then on Friday I had what was quite possibly the worst problem to date.
My work domain had expired. Usually you get an email or a letter from the people that you registered it with asking if you would like to renew. I didn't get a letter or an email and my domain relapsed and I stopped receiving email.
You would think that this isn't such a major problem, that you simply get in touch, pay your money and away you go. But things are never that straightforward are they?
After many calls it transpired that my domain - the one with the great natural Google listings (search for baby PR and that's me right at the top) had been bought up by someone else.
This kind of thing goes on all the time. These companies wait for active urls to lapse and they snatch them up and there isnt really anything you can do about it.
I tracked the company down to an address in Mumbai. I tried to go onto their website but my mac threw up one of those scary malaware warnings..'visiting this site may damage your computer, asre you sure that you want to proceed?'
Erm.... no actually, things are bad enough without causing more damage.
I contemplated the reality of having to change my web address. No one would be able to find me - as my old details would still be traveling around in cyber space and at that point I realised that your domain should be one of your most treasured possessions. 
I got onto the Indian site using my iphone, found the contact details and gave them a call knowing full well that they could potentially ask for £££ or simply refuse to give my url back at all.
I got away very lightly with paying just $100 and within five minutes my site was back and my email service resumed.
It was an awful experience though and one that I wouldn't wish on anyone else.

Before I go and stick my head in the oven can I ask if you have ever linked to my blog that you check your link?
I am having real problems linking my yummymummytips url to my blogspot address and I'm now fed up of trying!
So it's goodbye to as I will now be happily residing right here on blogger at
If you could amend any links it will make a sad blogger a bit happier!

...... was only kidding about the oven.... it's electric.


  1. Will your domain provider auto-renew the domain for you next time? Mine do, so I don't have to worry about it. They send me an email six weeks before saying "Hi, it's renewal time, tell us if you don't want us to do it": seems a much better way of doing things!

    OH, who is an IT-geek, says make sure the domain's transferred back to your old provider asap, and cancel the card you used to be on the safe side.

    Good luck sorting everything out.

  2. That is a nightmare. Hopefully that will be everything sorted. xx

  3. o poor you hun, I really sympathise. If you want give my hubbys company a call and they can deal with your domain etc..they deal with domains all the time for their companies and NEVER let them expire. Also do remote backup for companies which is always nice to have if you haven't already.

  4. Scary story! My hosting company told me (when I asked) that that can't happen and that nominet write to you several times before letting someone else take your URL. Obviously not true then! Off to check my dates now!

  5. Get your blog moved to a new hosting company as soon as possible. If you need help with it I can if you like as before Baby Boy was born I worked for an ISP and learnt a thing or three...

    Oh and call your bank and get a new card OR ask them to monitor it for dodgy transactions for the next few months.

  6. Yo..
    I've not put any links around my stuff for you for a little while as I knew you were having probs and was still waiting for that call!!
    (Hubby a geek if you need any help ever just ask and I'll give you his number)
    But now as you got stuff sorted, I'll link from etc etc etc
    You know me and Blogging - once a week on a Sunday night is about all I get chance for so never really put much effort into it, but I was told using blogspot etc rather than your own url is a good thing...
    Anyhows... hope U ok - and did you get my reply to the email you sent?

  7. eeeeeek that is a scary story! Why do these things always happen together.
    So glad you got it sorted!

  8. Thanks for your kind words people.....

  9. Thanks for your kind words people.....


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