Saturday, 6 February 2010

FunnyGirl does Chubby Bunny.. with a twist

So not to be out done by her older siblings, FunnyGirl insisted in getting in on the act. Only she doesn't do marchin mallows (as she calls them).
"Well" I said; "I can fit at least 12 chocolate fingers into my cavernous gob... if you take after me... you could be in with a chance..."
And so, the challenge was set... and yes this is stupid.... and hell yes it probably is a choking hazard. But come on.. Are we really, seriously not allowed a little fun?
Of course, if there are any minors reading my blog.... which I doubt.. then Please do not try this at home without full adult supervision. IT IS DANGEROUS TO EAT CHOCOLATE FINGERS.. OK!

And in keeping with the fellowship of the blog... I tag my BlogHer buddie (miss you too...) Rach @ Grasping for Objectivity, Rosie (how could I not) @ well RosieScribble of course, Sonny (he needs a re match cause he can't take being beaten by a girl) @ TotallySonny and the slacker Claire (who cheated by getting her big mouthed sailor bf in on the act) @ OMG.
Lets open it up here. Chocolate fingers (have to be the real ones.... imitations are not the same size!) or you can stay with the march mallows... up to you.
I am not wimping out on my own personal challenge set by The Sailor.... but I am telling you now, 5 is pathetic!


  1. Brilliant! Good work. I shall go any buy some non-imitation chocolate fingers as soon as.

    And I suspect The Sailor may want a go at this too! :)

    And, Biba is clearly the brains of the operation with the 'break it' bit of advice. Like your style little lady!!


  2. Adorable!! But how in the world will I fit twelve of something that I don't even know what it is in my mouth? I'll have to come visit you to discover what Chocolate Fingers are...


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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