Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Case Study request for Pregnancy and Birth

This is actually totally fab. I did it when i was pregnant with FunnyGirl and the pics are the only ones i have of me pregnant. Not bad considering I have had four children!


Pregnancy & birth magazine is looking for pregnant women to star in its best-loved feature – Nine Month Notebook. This feature sees a pregnant woman tell the story of her whole pregnancy and birth. You’ll also star in the ‘six week check up’ in the following issue, where you’ll reveal what the first six weeks as a new mum are like.

We’re looking for women who will be about 6 months pregnant in April, who’d like to get involved. You’d need to be willing to keep notes on your pregnancy and life as a new mum and have a telephone interview with a journalist. You’ll also need to be available to attend a photo shoot in central London on April 1st and another with your newborn baby and your partner (where applicable) - date tbc.

In return you’ll get:

 *   Your hair, make up and styling done for you at both shoots.
 *   Professional photos taken with your bump and your family that you’ll get a CD of to keep.
 *   All your expenses to travel to and from both shoots paid.
 *   The lovely keepsake of your pregnancy story in P&b.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this fun feature please leave a comment with contact info - email or Twitter and I will be straight back in touch.
Please note – this is a popular feature that we get a lot of applicants for!


  1. I'll tweet about this one - as you say, bet it will be a popular one. Great record of the pregnancy, with hair and make-up thrown in!

  2. Ooh I would love to be considered! I am at twitter.com/thealiceblog or you can email me at aliceharold at gmail.com. I also blog at http://www.thealice.com. :)

  3. I am due on July 13 with twins and was wondering if you'd be interested in using me as a "case study"

    I have an interesting story in that for many years I battled with anorexia and bulimia and had to go through treatment in order to get pregnant - so I have been really blessed I guess

    My boyfriend is the most wonderful guy in the world and I want to let him and thousands of others know how grateful I am to him. I think he would also love to see me all done up as right now I'm slouching around in joggers as they're the only thing that fits!!


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Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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