Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Balance... what balance?

I'm a wife, a mum, I run a business, I blog, I Tweet. I stay up too late and don't get up early enough. I ferry my children to after school activities nearly every day of the week.
I travel (more than I want to) with my trusty companions MacBook, Blackberry and dongle always by my side. The online merry-go-round never sleeps and I struggle with irony that my social media addiction has turned me into an anti-social work horse.
I no longer watch TV and I've been reading the same book for months and months as my business morphed from a regular 9 to 5 into a 24/7.
I'm eager to kick the balance into gear. To regain myself and take some time out with my family and friends but every time I try I'm thrust into computer hell and two days back from where I started.

How has blogging changed your life? How do you keep your work / life balance in check?
I know that I'm not the only one struggling to make it work and welcome any thoughts, tips and advice.


  1. No advice, expect to say you're not the only one. I no longer watch TV or read. I also stay up too late and don't get up early enough.

    I will be looking at the comments and hope for some pearls of wisdom as I could use them too.

  2. Like you I seem to be working 24/7 and that's largely because I don't seem able to control my time - twitter and blogging do suck up your time (although I've kicked my facebook addiction, so that's one highlight). I do still watch TV but I can't remember the time I actually managed to finish a book (don't tell the Judith's Room book club).

    I think maybe the solution is to structure your day and treat it more like a 'normal' day. So you work until a certain time, you stop tweeting after a certain time, and so on. I'm saying this but I haven't been able to do it!

  3. It's why I'm not ont twitter enough and why I only blog about once a week. I know from a networking point of view I should do more but I found the constantly on mode made me less and less effective at work and home. I do feel as though I'm missing out a bit in the online world but have decided that my real life takes precedence

  4. I don't work but I know exactly what you mean, I barely ever watch the television...and reading, gulp, consists of dipping in every so often to one of the approximately ten books I have on the go.
    No advice, I need to take some myself! ;0)
    Love your picture by the way, on your next post.

  5. Juicy Tots, fingers crossed the the pearls of wisdom!

    Liz, yes the black hole of blogging and tweeting..... I know it well!
    And I do already structure my days in so much as I (try) to not work from 4-7pm so that I can spend time with the children and then I'm back at my desk as soon as I have them in bed... tonight 7.43pm!
    It's just the stopping bit that I am having probs with and that is ruled by TO DO list.... I think that as long as i have cleared half of it then good.
    Lets hope some wise blogger has the answers!

    Home Office Mum, you aren't missing out we are generally talking rubbish.

    Chic Mama, you must have it real bad in that case.... hang in there - we will find a cure!

  6. Just started 2 weeks ago, but was facebook addicted before then.

    How looks a mess. Kids keep asking me when i am going to finish writing.

    Am hoping to find a happy medium.

    I am Sabbath observant so I find my friday night till saturday night mandatory break a great thing.

  7. I deleted my twitter account and my Folksy shop- my finger hovered over the 'are you sure' button like a plane queueing to land at Heathrow!

    It has spared up some time which I've spent cleaning and decluttering my flat from one end to the other. I'm just focussing on my blogger account now and it's nice to really focus on one thing- I'm up to date with everyone's blogs rather than trying to do everything but ending up doing them all halfheartedly.

    I'm trying to spend less time on the internet but it's hard. which sounds a bit pathetic but I am hooked.

  8. I have no advice. I work 4 days a week, have 2 kids, blog, read, write and many other things. I have no balance, just muddle through each day. :)

    If you find a balance, maybe you could give me some tips xxx

  9. I've got some rules. They help, but as I am all about breaking rules, they don't help when they should ...

    1) NEVER have twitter running when Im working. Its too much of a distraction.

    2) If my baby is wide awake, my computer is off. I know that will change as she's older. But you know, for now, it works. Ohh unless Im feeding her, then I may tweet.

    3) When my man is home (not that often) the laptop is away, unless I have work to do or he's having some xbox/wii time

    4) One task must come off the to do list each day ... however, about 20 normally go on. I seem to have far too many to do lists.

    5) I do NOT check my personal email every day... I have about 8 email accounts. I kid you not. I could spend all day replying to emails.

    BUT as good as this all sounds, the realism is it's 1.30 am before I know it, and if it's a work day, I'm up at 6 to get Lo & I all dressed and fed so I can get to the office. I hate it. But alas, needs must.


  10. I've stopped watching TV too, but isn't the laptop just another "screen" addicion alternative (like a DS).

    It's all some sort of escape (from what, I'm not sure.)

    I like being busy, so I doubt I will slow down too much.

  11. I find things can get a bit manic - being a mum, working, blogging, tweeting, household chores etc. I have a stack of about 10 books I never seem to have time to read. I'm a bit of TV addict, but always have my laptop on when I'm watching it.

    Sometimes you have to take a step back, breathe and reassess the balance.

    The other day I was meeting some friends, I was on twitter on the way and then when I was waiting for them. I suddenly realised that it was getting a bit obsessive, so I kept away from it for a few days!

  12. I wrote about this the other day as I'm in the same boat. The general reply was to have discipline and disconnect from work. I don't have a separate room so can't shut it away. Instead I'm making an effort to shut my mac down, and putting my iphone upstairs in the evenings so I can't 'just check an email'. It's really hard but is saving my sanity and realtionships at the moment. Good luck xx

  13. Thanks for all of the comments. It looks as though we are all in the same boat here and that we all have the best intentions to switch off but actually don't.
    Is there anyone out there that does have the balance right?

  14. Ah the balance thing. An enigma. It's all relative really and I've stoppped busting my proverbial balls over trying to 'align' everything as I think if you're listening to yourself, things balance out one way or another. I've never been more creative or busy, but I'm happy. Generally. Sometimes I want to scream or lie on the floor and 9 times out of 10 it's because I'm doing way too much. As I blog for a living, I have to get away from the laptop otherwise the lines become too blurred. I have realised that Twitter is a time sucker and am limiting my time, and I'm ensuring that I get out or just do stuff for myself. I hear you on the book thing but I'm persevering - use to read a book a week! Oddly, I've found that since I stopped being a work horse, I'm more productive because it lets me get more objective and gives me a chance to 'miss' work.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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