Monday, 25 January 2010

Memory Monday Meme

I know that I only posted like 5 mins ago... but that was a spur of the moment thing and my new Memory Monday meme has been waiting for the day that starts with..... M....

Yes this is a new meme and it is totally and utterly inspired by Tara at Sticky Fingers and her photo meme. I was tagged and paid attention to all of the other bloggers who had been tagged.... They all said that they had such a tough time choosing that one, extra special pic - I know I did. So I got to thinking.....what about a day of sharing? A day of memories.... be they words or pictures...
So for my first Memory Monday I'm taking you back to the 70's with a snippet of one of my favourite TV shows.
I know this is a totally UK - 70 to 75 birth date specific post but hell..... It's my meme and I'll cry if I want to... and I choose to share the best kids TV show of all time... The Pipkins....
I found this on You Tube - but it won't let me embed it... click the link - you won't be sorry...

But who can name the characters?
All I have to do now is get tagging, so @alphamummy, @amodernmother, @rosiescribble, @cafebebe and @livingwithkids do your worst!
If you have a Memory Monday post that you would like to share - pop me a link back in a comment.


  1. Well, if we're on the topic of television, I remember sitting on a worn sofa with my family Friday nights in 70s America...(picture the scene: one sis and three brothers, parents smoking). The lineup started with the Brady Bunch, then the Partridge Family, then The Rockford Files and I would always fall asleep during Angie Dickinson and The Police Woman.

  2. Thanks for the tag! OK, well very sadly I can remember the names of two of the characters from Pipkin. Hartley the hare, Topov (Topoff?) the monkey (he used to sing I'm top off the tree or something like that)... I can't remember the pig's name... was it... um... Pig? I remember he had a Birmingham accent.

    If anyone 40 plus can remember a cartoon where the kids, who were all different nationalities, were in some sort of detective agency and talked into their watches I would be very grateful. It's been driving me nuts for years.

  3. Thanks for the challenge Sian...I shall do my American best to bring you memories worthy of this meme!
    :) Karin

  4. Thanks for the tag, #Blythe sister. I'll post my Monday Memory next Monday, or maybe before then and name my post 'My Monday Memory although it's Tuesday'!!
    I have never heard of Pipkin but the clip looked funny because it was so dated. I like to say I was not born in the 70s but that would be a big fat lie!!

  5. All I can say is "My name is Pig and I want a cream bun!" Ha Ha - blast from the past.

  6. Great meme. Just posted my version - also a TV show.

    Hope it's not a total culture break, coming from an American perspective.

  7. No idea. I am far too young. :)

  8. Great meme! I was tagged by Jennifer at AlphaMummy - here's my two penno'rth (all food-related, naturally!):

  9. Here's my rather long Memory Monday post. It's an emotional story and some emotional memories but with a very happy ending.

  10. Oh I thought I'd commented but I just wanted to say I logved Pig and especially the way he used to say it so definitely and with a Brummie accent.

  11. It's Monday, and I've continued your meme!

  12. What a great idea for a meme! As a meme addict, I'll certainly be back next week to take part!

    Thanks for taking me down Memory Lane with Pipkins - I LOVED Pipkins - so, yes, ok, I'm giving away my age! LOL

    I remember Hartley Hare & TopOff!! :)


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