Friday, 29 January 2010

Introducing Rosie of Scribble..

Firstly this is where I apologise to all of my readers and Twitter followers that have become Blythe obsessed since I started going on and on and on about her....Only in the last hour there have been two new additions to the sisterhood in @WivesDaughters who is complaining that first I turned her into a Stokke freak and now a Blythe freak too... 
And if you could rely on anyone to jump on the bandwagon well that would be @lolas_mum who is simply not content with laughing at my daily misfortunes..
I do have to say though - that if ever a Blythe looked like her owner (want to say dog but..) well hello - they really are twins.
So without getting side tracked even more - here she is... my beautiful new girl... 
Big Blythe respect to whoever can tell me which original Blythe she was before her customisation! 
I have named her Rosie of Scribble, after the original BMB Blythe babe @RosieScribble who is currently sporting blonde locks with pink glasses!
How ever will Liz @Livingwithkids and Karin @cafebebe cope with so many of us looking the same?!

In a show of solidarity to her 1972 roots, Rosie has commissioned her very own Stokke® Tripp Trapp® - and boy does it rock!


  1. LOL LOL LOL ... dog!! You biatch!!

    Seriously though, she is booootiful xx

  2. Apart from confusing me greatly, I can't help thinking there may be more to these little 'collectables' than meets the eye. I bet they all come alive when you're asleep and plot their world takeover bid.

  3. aaaw she is goooorgeous!

    and yes no more addictive things please...I am going to be out of house and home soon.

    Aaaaah Liz you have just scared me to death now..but not enough to not want one! :D

  4. I am getting a bit envious...wondering if there is a Blythe that looks like me. Well overweight sort of limits the choices though.

    Claire's Blythe is a CLONE of her namesake...damn!

    Might have to trawl the Blythe world and have a lookie now. Love Rosie of Scribble...she rocks for sure! Nice Tripp Trapp as well!
    :) Karin

  5. Ooh, she is just fabulous and I honoured that you have named her Rosie of Scribble. Apart from the birth of my daughter, I have never felt more proud and excited in my entire life ;)

  6. I swear by the end of the year I will bloomin have one too. I want one that looks like me back with I was a goth/hippie. Its all your fault Sian! xxx

  7. Rosie,
    so happy to be of service!

    I am on the case - hippy Blythe it is!

    On the search for you too my dear!

    They are alive all the time don't you know!

  8. I love the new look of the blog and the new addition and her supercool Tripp Trapp are fabu! Now, if when you're at Bubble on Monday, you get kidnapped and held hostage for your dolls, I have nothing to do with it...

    PMSL about the dolls coming alive! I also agree that @lolas_mum Blythe pic bears a scary resemblance!

  9. Natlie,
    Everyone on twitter is called @lolas_mum Chucky!!!
    Sorry you wont be there on Monday.

  10. Was she maybe a 'Friendly Freckles' no freckles left by the looks of things but the hair (unless you had it changed) could be the FF model. And yup, i'm a Blythe fan too.


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