Thursday, 31 December 2009

TotallySonny is an Awesome Kid..

OK so I have always known this... He may be a tad geeky and maybe even a little bit freaky (he won't mind me saying that!!) I hope... but as my first born with the man that I can openly acknowledge as being my saviour he will always have a super special part to play in my life. 
Born looking like a bright red lobster - he certainly got better with age and look at him in this pic... Is he not the boy that you long for your girl to bring home???
He's a maths genius, a trampolining champ and a Dr Who nut who has a more than healthy Pokemon addiction. But he's cooky, and cute and cuddly and loyal (unless you cross his Scorpio darkness that is) and he's the only person who has ever been able to beat me at Tekken.
2009 has been a great year for my little fella,  he found blogging and with it gained an amazing new confidence. He's in bed right  right now so he doesn't know that this super cool pic of him has been featured on the amazing Planet Awesome Kid site.
The pic does have a story that I can share with you though. We usually travel to Thailand in January for our family holiday. Sonny is Dr Who crazy and we offered him in return for his good holiday behaviour and kindness to his little sisters - a suit the same as his hero's... Yes the 10th Dr... David Tennant.
Of course he was an angel and the suit was measured, made and fitted... When we returned home his previously shoulder length locks were savagely shorn by Lottie, FunnyGirls god mother and when he walked out of the salon he was transformed into a mini Dr Who! so impressed were we by the transformation that we sent his pic to the kids Dr Who magazine, who featured him as their Dr Who to watch... this was followed by a signed pic from THE David Tennant and a hand written note to say that he would keep Sonny's pic if he didn't mind as it reminded him of when he was younger!
PR crap... yeah I know... I get it...but did it make my little man happy? You bet your bum it did!
Check him out on Planet Awesome Kid and before you ask, when he grew out of his suit we sold it on ebay... for double what we paid for it to be custom made for him in Thailand! Result!!!

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