Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mummy's letter to Santa....

Dear Santa,
It has been (too) many years since I last wrote to you but this year I live in hope that you will make it to my letter. I understand that the alphabet has always been against me what with my first name starting with S and my surname with T but for some reason - this year feels kind of different.
Before I indulge myself I would like you to consider my fellow bloggers and there are a few of them so - sorry but stick with it.
1. Just today @tara_cain begged to be let loose with the xray equipment in the Playmobil Emergency Vet room, sadly for her she was not willing to take on board the X Ray training that such advanced procedures require. I on the other hand do in fact have many years of training and am willing to pass my techniques on to her as she seems like a game kind of gal.
2. Please do pop by @omgmummy's pad (if she's there that is), there are many things that she wants / needs as a new mum but without going into detail I would settle for her having a new iphone cause she smashed her last one. (Ok so i have done it many times but I have the 02 insure! smug? clearly!)
3. She is my client and I love her (though not 100% sure why) but @easidream (and I) could do with some extra leg work from your product making Elves if you don't mind...
4. @soph4soph needs a new camera so that she can share all of her amazing new creations with us in high res. If it has a video function all the better cause little Soph and ModelGirl have gotten into the habit of video messaging each other before bed.
5. Can you please send round your sewing Elves for a couple of extra shifts post Xmas rush? I don't mind taking on overtime rates but think that a team of sewing Elves would be a welcome gift for @byyanto in the run up to London Fashion Week.
6. Some of my fellow blog buddies are just plain grumpy sods at times as you know,  but a slice of cheer would go down so well with @LivingwithKids, @porridgebrain, @that_Kat, @dotterel @swhittle and @cafebebe. Your wishes would fuel their Xmas spirit no end (well I hope).
7. TotallySonny would love to be elevated to super blogger status but failing that meeting David Tennant and the new Dr should match up to him meeting James Murray (Steve from Primeval) and Sarah Parish (the Empress Racknoss, Dr Who) and them telling him that if they ever had a boy they would call him Sonny. Ok so that is a pretty big ask... but see what you can do.
8. ModelGirl asks that Shane & Mark's pregnant Sphynz cat manages to produce two (yes two) odd eyed white kittens so that they can keep one and we can bring one home. (Technically that is my wish but if I lend it to her I get 2 back right?)
9. FunnyGirl simply asks for copious amounts of sweets, cake and chocolate for the next twelve months...a simple request.
10. And me.... well a couple of extra hours in the day wouldn't go a miss. I would be fine if I didn't have all of these extra personal projects - but well I have.
Thank you.
PS (please Santa) don't forget that I like Chanel handbags.
and one more thing....
pretty pretty please Santa, @porridgebrain would really like a new camera - so if you could fix that for her would be dandy.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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