Thursday, 31 December 2009

TotallySonny is an Awesome Kid..

OK so I have always known this... He may be a tad geeky and maybe even a little bit freaky (he won't mind me saying that!!) I hope... but as my first born with the man that I can openly acknowledge as being my saviour he will always have a super special part to play in my life. 
Born looking like a bright red lobster - he certainly got better with age and look at him in this pic... Is he not the boy that you long for your girl to bring home???
He's a maths genius, a trampolining champ and a Dr Who nut who has a more than healthy Pokemon addiction. But he's cooky, and cute and cuddly and loyal (unless you cross his Scorpio darkness that is) and he's the only person who has ever been able to beat me at Tekken.
2009 has been a great year for my little fella,  he found blogging and with it gained an amazing new confidence. He's in bed right  right now so he doesn't know that this super cool pic of him has been featured on the amazing Planet Awesome Kid site.
The pic does have a story that I can share with you though. We usually travel to Thailand in January for our family holiday. Sonny is Dr Who crazy and we offered him in return for his good holiday behaviour and kindness to his little sisters - a suit the same as his hero's... Yes the 10th Dr... David Tennant.
Of course he was an angel and the suit was measured, made and fitted... When we returned home his previously shoulder length locks were savagely shorn by Lottie, FunnyGirls god mother and when he walked out of the salon he was transformed into a mini Dr Who! so impressed were we by the transformation that we sent his pic to the kids Dr Who magazine, who featured him as their Dr Who to watch... this was followed by a signed pic from THE David Tennant and a hand written note to say that he would keep Sonny's pic if he didn't mind as it reminded him of when he was younger!
PR crap... yeah I know... I get it...but did it make my little man happy? You bet your bum it did!
Check him out on Planet Awesome Kid and before you ask, when he grew out of his suit we sold it on ebay... for double what we paid for it to be custom made for him in Thailand! Result!!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I got my second Blythe!

Lets call her a christmas pressie to myself. I had no idea that Yan had bought my other beautiful girl - so now we have the beginnings of a family! For those who are interested..... (and it seems that lots of you are!), she is Blythe Urban Cowgirl!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

I got my first Blythe

I blogged a few weeks ago about my new obsession with Blythe and look what santa brough me.....
She is an Ichigo Heaven customised by Jaszmade and I love her..
Thank you to the very special man who bought her for me...

Slight issue around our house now is that the girls have fallen in love with Blythe too. I can see that this might be the beginning of a very expensive habit....

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Miffy Competition Winners....

And the winners of the Miffy comp are......
@clareybabble and New Mummy

Congratulations ladies - please dm me your addresses.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The big Miffy giveaway

I've always loved Miffy - though not with the same slightly odd passion that fuelled my Hello Kitty phase. I cherished a Miffy book when I was a child - I loved the bright colours and the simplicity. I carried that book everywhere I went for months. It had been taped together so many times when I was finally convinced to lay it to rest.
So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw these fab Miffy comforters and I was even more excited when they offered me a couple to giveaway.
I'm going to run the giveaway for tonight only so that I can post in time for Christmas. One of these comforters would make a brilliant gift for the baby in your life. If you miss out - don't worry you can pop by the Miffy store and pick one up for £9.99.
To enter, please leave a comment here on the post. For an additional entry please RT on Twitter or post to your Facebook page. If you do post the link on your Facebook, please do let me know by leaving a comment, here is the link..
Miffy comp ends at 10pm tonight. Delivery in time for Christmas 
I have two to giveaway so good luck!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

And the Winners are.........

I used this random number generator to pick the winning entries and they are......
The lovely Ali from thegoodlifebloggers and the equally lovely Natalie from my favorite product blog Bambino Goodies. Congratulations ladies! Please get your addresses to me asap and I will pop straight in the post.
Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter and to the Fizpouch for the amazing prizes.

I have another comp coming up later today (when I have completed the big Christmas house clean!) so do pop back.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Do you want to win a FizPouch part 2!!!!

For those of you that missed out last time - her is part 2 of the giveaway as promised. UK delivery will still be in time for Christmas but outside UK can't make any promises.
Now if you entered last time and you are already a follower of my blog please tweet the following statement.
Win an amazing Fizpouch from @mummytips ends 10pm GMT tomorrow! RT and click link to enter 
And also leave a comment on the post. If you have a blog - leave me the address so that I can pop over for a read.
If you're not following my blog..... where have you been? Get to it - and leave a comment on the post.
The two winners will be picked at random from all of the comments left at 10pm GMT tomorrow.

If you missed the review you can read it here

Sophie4Sophie dresses go global!

ModelGirl and FunnyGirl's appearance on Planet Awesome Kid has made it to a cool Spanish webmag called Caos, tragically it's not in English - but you can make use of the Google translator. They really are rocking their Sophie4Sophie dresses.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

I Love Blythe

We are big Hello Kitty fans in this house. Well I am and it has rubbed off on my girls. They share a bathroom  that runs off both of their bedrooms and it is out Hello Kitty shrine! But now I have a new love....
I have totally fallen in love with Blythe - the little doll that was produced for only one year - incidentally the year I was born and also the year the Stokke® Tripp Trapp® came to market.
She completely flopped due to her big head and kooky eyes and Kenner withdrew her. That wasn't the end for Blythe though - she has now become a worldwide fashion icon, with designers like Westwood and Dior creating unique outfits especially for her.
She was re issued a few years ago - in limited numbers but it's the original 1972 Blythe's that really do it for me. So Santa if you do happen to stop by... I would love a Blythe to call my own. xx

Thursday, 10 December 2009

PLanet Awesome Kid 2

The girls have made it to Planet Awesome Kid again! This time wearing their amazing Pettiskirts from Just Dresses. They are simply the best item of clothing that I have every bought them - just putting the skirt on makes them want to twirl and twirl. Something we could all do with in our lives if you ask me!
If you have any fab pics of your little ones looking super cool - just send them in. You can get all of the site info by clicking on the link above.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Do you want to win a Fizpouch?

Of course you do... I had some really great feedback since my review on Saturday - so I asked if they would like to run a competition so that one of you lovely people can get as super organised as me.

They said yes so to be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is follow this blog and leave a comment below. The two winners will be picked at random from all of the comments left at 10pm GMT tonight.
If you missed the review you can read it here

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mummy's letter to Santa....

Dear Santa,
It has been (too) many years since I last wrote to you but this year I live in hope that you will make it to my letter. I understand that the alphabet has always been against me what with my first name starting with S and my surname with T but for some reason - this year feels kind of different.
Before I indulge myself I would like you to consider my fellow bloggers and there are a few of them so - sorry but stick with it.
1. Just today @tara_cain begged to be let loose with the xray equipment in the Playmobil Emergency Vet room, sadly for her she was not willing to take on board the X Ray training that such advanced procedures require. I on the other hand do in fact have many years of training and am willing to pass my techniques on to her as she seems like a game kind of gal.
2. Please do pop by @omgmummy's pad (if she's there that is), there are many things that she wants / needs as a new mum but without going into detail I would settle for her having a new iphone cause she smashed her last one. (Ok so i have done it many times but I have the 02 insure! smug? clearly!)
3. She is my client and I love her (though not 100% sure why) but @easidream (and I) could do with some extra leg work from your product making Elves if you don't mind...
4. @soph4soph needs a new camera so that she can share all of her amazing new creations with us in high res. If it has a video function all the better cause little Soph and ModelGirl have gotten into the habit of video messaging each other before bed.
5. Can you please send round your sewing Elves for a couple of extra shifts post Xmas rush? I don't mind taking on overtime rates but think that a team of sewing Elves would be a welcome gift for @byyanto in the run up to London Fashion Week.
6. Some of my fellow blog buddies are just plain grumpy sods at times as you know,  but a slice of cheer would go down so well with @LivingwithKids, @porridgebrain, @that_Kat, @dotterel @swhittle and @cafebebe. Your wishes would fuel their Xmas spirit no end (well I hope).
7. TotallySonny would love to be elevated to super blogger status but failing that meeting David Tennant and the new Dr should match up to him meeting James Murray (Steve from Primeval) and Sarah Parish (the Empress Racknoss, Dr Who) and them telling him that if they ever had a boy they would call him Sonny. Ok so that is a pretty big ask... but see what you can do.
8. ModelGirl asks that Shane & Mark's pregnant Sphynz cat manages to produce two (yes two) odd eyed white kittens so that they can keep one and we can bring one home. (Technically that is my wish but if I lend it to her I get 2 back right?)
9. FunnyGirl simply asks for copious amounts of sweets, cake and chocolate for the next twelve months...a simple request.
10. And me.... well a couple of extra hours in the day wouldn't go a miss. I would be fine if I didn't have all of these extra personal projects - but well I have.
Thank you.
PS (please Santa) don't forget that I like Chanel handbags.
and one more thing....
pretty pretty please Santa, @porridgebrain would really like a new camera - so if you could fix that for her would be dandy.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Saturday Review - Fizpouch

I have to say that I have been getting some pretty dreadful press releases through of late so I was pretty excited to see this one from Fizpouch land in my inbox.
You see I have a bit of a big handbag habit and that causes me no end of problems when I am trying to find anything in there. If you call me on my mobile you'll be used to me not picking up because by the time I have fished it out of the depths it has stopped ringing and I can never, ever find a pen or my keys - or well anything at all actually.
It has been said that I should perhaps down size but, well, I don't want to - and now it looks like I don't have to.
Enter Fizpouch! A handy little organiser thats just begging to be packed full of the stuff that usually evades you. Five outer pockets that nicely house my iphone, Blackberry, notebook and business cards and a couple of pen pockets for speedy access. Open it up and there are two roomy compartments and a zip pocket.

The idea is so simple that I'm surprised it hasn't been done before and after using it for a couple of weeks I have to admit that I am totally hooked. It also makes it really easy to switch between handbags cause all of the stuff that you 'need' is all in one place.
They come in some funky bright designs that make them really easy to find and fish out when you need it. The only possible downside is in my opinion is that I would like the option of a bigger size so that I could keep my sunglasses in there too.
I don't hand out many of these but I am giving Fizpouch a MummyTips Loves award!

£17.95 including p&p from

Thanks to Catapult PR for finally organising my life!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Planet Awesome Kid

I came across this blog the other day - so simple but oh so cool. So I submitted a pic of the girlies and look, here they are featured on the home page today rocking their Sophie4Sophie dresses!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Amazing press...and amazing news..

I didn't let you all know last week that my fabulous hubby has been accepted to show at February's ON/OFF. This is a huge, big, massive deal for him as On/Off are known for their pioneering approach and support.
It will be so exciting to be a part of London Fashion Week - we just need to find a label for ModelGirl to walk for and then the whole experience will be complete!
And today, he has a brilliant piece of coverage in the fashion & style bible Dazed

Well done hon. You deserve it. xx

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ModelGirl's News...

Today she ran in from school and threw down the letter onto my keyboard. 
"Look mum, look! I got the letter."
The letter that she so proudly waved before me was an invitation to join the elite Leicestershire school children's dance project. The same one that had allowed my own dance training to flourish when I was a child.
It is times like these when being a mum if the best feeling in the whole wide world. 
Well done honey. I am so proud of you.

Chapter 2?

In all honesty I have been on a real roller coaster since posting 'My story' a couple of weeks ago. I have been approached by some magazines and a literary agent but the whole thing has sidelined me some what. After all - I had, have drawn a line under the whole thing. That was me in 1994 - a long, long time ago. It has been suggested that I should write a book about how I over came my problems and it has been said by at least 50 people (thank you) that my story has been an inspiration to them. But I am still left not knowing where I should take the next chapter.
For that post was just the beginning and having built the strength to write it I kind of feel that right here is the best place for it all to unravel.
What do you guys think?


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