Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Saturday Review... Sigg Bottles

As a mum with three very active children we have gone through so many drinks bottles over the years. They always leak, stain, go smelly or get left behind at one activity or another.
Then we discovered the Sigg. Not only do they look fabulous with loads of different designs to suit all tastes but they actually don't leak.
A pretty basic requirement when it comes to a drinks bottle I would say but I am always amazed that the manufacturers don't see things the same way.
Every bottle has a high tec interior that is resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks, alcohol and just about any drink.
They are made in an eco friendly environment and are fully recyclable - not that you would need to recycle yours as they know of bottles that are still in full active use twenty years after they were purchased!
Sigg also see the importance of combining fashion and function and their bottles come in over 100 unique designs.
We tested the small kids bottle with a flip lid and the larger adult bottle with a screw cap. Both were brilliant.
They are more expensive than regular plastic bottles but I really do think that they are worth the investment. 

They have a really good video on how their bottles are made here.
The small kids bottles are £12.14 from Sigg and the larger adult bottle is £14.39 also from Sigg

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  1. Brilliant!Thanks for the tip - leaky school drinks bottles are such a pain.I must have paid out a minor fortune already in drinks bottles for my six year old and they are all pretty much useless!I'm sure it will be money well spent.


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