Friday, 6 November 2009

The kitten saga

I miss my cat. She would have been ten yesterday. Since she passed away last week I have been searching for a Sphynx kitten but I have encountered nothing but problems. As a breed they have a problem with something called HCM, a heart problem that kills them.
I guess that I am lucky that I know about HCM because there are so many horror stories of bad breeding with HCM cats that I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to be able to get myself a beautiful Sphynx.
Then I met these guys. They have the most stunning Sphynx cats that I have ever seen - but all of their kittens have already been booked.
They also breed Cornish Rex and we took a look at them too. They still have the freaky big gremlin ears that I love and also have the softest coat I have ever felt. The kids fell in love and I fell in love and so we really really are getting a new kitten and I am so excited.
Shane & Mark, the breeders are awesome. Their animals are beautiful and social and I can't wait for our kitty to come to us on December 6th.
Shane sent me this pic last night..... All we need to do now is come up with a name so that they can register her. All ideas gratefully received.


  1. OMG! She's beautiful! Do these ones have hair like normal cats? Glad you found one xx

    As for a name, mmm, I shall put my thinking cap on!

  2. Perhaps Mozza?? Or Meowissey??

  3. She looks like a Nermal to me. Like the little grey kitten that annoys Garfield in the comic strip :) Lovely kitty...I want another one now for my brood. x

  4. aaww how cutie shmooty is she!

    hmmm names - Gizmo or cuddles

  5. Awwww.....

    What about Princess Whiskers. Is she going to be a pampered pet?

  6. I pulled out my baby name book, closed my eyes, open randomly on page 42, chose the number 11, opened eyes and the name was:
    Damayanti (F) 'subduing'. An Indian name borne in legend by a beautiful and intelligent princess.

  7. Ashanti? or something really random like our neighbours girl cat which is called Billy?

  8. She's adorable! I will have to think about the naming thing...but too cute!


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