Monday, 9 November 2009

The BMB Carnival....

Welcome to my first hosting of the BMB blogging Carnival. As I'm the boss this week I am going with a birth / birthday / rebirth theme as it's my birthday this week and well it seemed like a good thing to do. It is quite a lot of work getting though all of the posts that I have been sent but I have found some amazing new blogs to add to my reader. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have.

I hope that you don't mind me kicking off with my own post. This is a story of rebirth and recovery following a very near fatal brush with post natal depression. It's called Me...
We are all programmed to think that the transition from person to mother is a smooth one. Your due date arrives and a beautiful baby is delivered by a Stalk wrapped in the finest cashmere blankets but in reality we know that is not the case. As mothers we deal with our own birth stories and move on, forgetting our own horror stories as quickly as we forget those around us.
Kelly from A Place of my Own is sharing an amazing journey with us here. Many of her Twitter friends (me included felt as if we were part of her experience) wanting to help and advise. Her story is sweet, lovely, from the heart and proof that you should do what you feel is right for you and not what you are being told.
Kelly and Piran – you guys rock.
And as for Claire at OMG pregnant / Then There Were Three, well she had the textbook birth that we can only dream of. Of course without the text advice of her Twitsters it could have been a totally different story!
Laura from AWNTYM shares her unexpected birth tale with a very sweet though slightly unnerving outcome!
Josie at Sleep is for the weak time travels through her birth story.
Over at the Angels & Urchins blog they plea for the smug side of motherhood to let rip. I know I'm good but how great are you?
Tara at Sticky Fingers tells an all familiar of tale of evil party bags packed with malicious swag! A true pet hate of my own, though i do seretly like getting to scoff all of the BAD sweets that I remove!
Karin at CafeBebe, has a birth experience not unlike one of my own (hey I’ve had 4!) .Four down mum to go shares a young fellas birthday story. 
Pippa at A Mother's Ramblings tells how birthdays in her life are a huge family affair. HomeBaked explains her obsession with Christmas.
Liz at Living with Kids has the birthday grumps that can only be truly appreciated by a fellow Scorpio! With you all the way Liz!

Elaine at Little Sheep learning has some wise words and practical advice on how to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby.
Everyone who knows me understands that I have a rather unnatural obsession with Hello Kitty, i am a nice person (i hope) and I don't kill people so I just go with it. Then I saw this from Alpha Mummy. OMG if I could have any more children (which i can't) I would be on the next plane to Taiwan (via Hello kitty World in Tokyo of course).

And my final mention has to go out to the best little blogger on the block. My little fella TotallySonny. It's his birthday next week and he so wanted to submit to the carnival but he said can't I ask him to blog about birthdays after he has had his? Urm... NO! I said but please stop by his blog anyway!
BMB are always looking for new carnival hosts.


  1. Some great posts here, off to go and have a good read!

  2. Oh and I just realised that it is me hosting next!

  3. Looks like a great carnival - well done for putting it all together. I'll hopefully be able to get stuck in and have a good read when the tots are sound asleep. Here's hoping...!

  4. Thanks for including us, and thanks for your wonderful post about PND. Feel much better armed should it happen again to a friend - or, indeed, to me. Your post is a heartwarming example of why blogging can be such a force for good. Just wish you'd had a similar network when faced with such tough times all those years ago.

  5. Thanks for including my post. I didn't realise there was a theme - sorry!

  6. well done on the carnival and also getting on the tots100 - hope to see you at the zoo next week x


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