Sunday, 4 October 2009

I seriously need to moan...

OK, so this isn't like a one time thing that i have to get of my chest. There are a few things and if I don't get them out soon - I think that I am seriously going to go pop.

Firstly. This morning I was a victim of theft. I had my iPhone with me on our regular sunday morning trip to the car boot sale.
We stopped for chips for the kids - as we do every week and I took out my iPhone to take a pic of ModelGirl who was looking super fly in her recent oversize sunglasses and crochet beanie.

I put my phone back into the outer pocket of my Prada shopper and thought no more.

Speed forward about an hour and we were back at our car. Everyone unloaded their purchases into the car and I fished in my bag for my phone. (It's my traditional Sunday morning thing to Tweet what I have picked up at the car boot). But my phone wasn't there.
Hubby called it - straight to answer phone.

It was around then that we realised that it had possibly been lifted. We sent a text asking for the person to come back to us on this number, but nothing.

I gave it five mins and then tried to call again. This time it was picked up by the father of the 'boy' who had 'found' it on a stall at the car boot. I asked if we could meet so that i could get it back - he said yes, told me where he was (the local traveller's site) and said that I would have to pay.

1. My phone had been in my bag the whole time (apart from the afore mentioned pic opp).
2. If his son had found it when and where he said he did then he must have been Billy the Whizz to get back to the traveller's site before we had even left the car boot.

I chose to call the police. I know that I won't get my phone back but under no circumstances did I think that going to their site to get it back was the right thing to do.

On the down side. My phone was not locked and I had not set up the ability to remote wipe it. FYI, I this will be the first thing I will do when my new phone arrives.

Today has been very stressful to say the least.

So.... By the time I came off the phone to O2 / apple / police / insurance - it was like 2.10pm. FunnyGirl's pals were arriving at 3pm. I had not started to cook. The house was a TIP, blah, blah, blah.

The kids arrived. They ran around like utter nutters for about an hour. Unfortunately we have the kind of house that makes kids do that. I think that it is perhaps something to do with the floors and the rooms and most of them being empty. But still, I was having a bad day and I did scream at them at every available occasion.

They finally calmed down as the food was ready.

I'd had all these grand ideas to reproduce Annabel Karmel's Princess Cookbook and the whole world had fallen down around me.

I did manage the following.

12 Annable Karmel mini Muffin Pizzas.
16 hot dogs
20 mini baked potatoes

accompanied by

A huge selection of the Cadbury' Christmas collection cakes and bars (thanks a million to their press office)
and THE cake.

So OK - I nearly forgot the cake - but its been a long day,

Before you ask... that large glass of red belongs to me - not ModelGirl and the glass of fizz is one of the other mums out of shot! But at least FunnyGirl is still smiling....

All in all - I found this home party experience totally and utterly hideous. FunnyGirl had just 5 friends, but each of them has a sibling. On the positive side, each of the said siblings is either a friend of Sonny's or Biba's which should in itself lend to a happy and harmonious gathering.

Big problems of the day.
1. I did not make the jelly.
2. I started cooking too late.
3. There were no leeks is Sainsbury's yesterday and that = no dumplings.
4. I had my bloody phone stolen by some scumbag.
5. I nearly forgot about the cake.
6. I did not have enough hot dog buns.
7. I am not very social at the moment.
8. I seem to have smashed all of my wine glasses (apart from the one I claim above.)
9. I want to curl up on the sofa with FunnyGirl.
10. I know that it is going to take me at least a month to tidy up once everyone has gone.

Tomorrow, the year 4 Roman project and why I think us parents should stand up for ourselves.


  1. What a shitty day - and what arses! Thieving little shits. I am updating my iPhone as I type just in case.

    Like you said, FunnyGirl is smiling, so you're doing ok. Big hugs heading ur way xxx

  2. I have just read my own post and I am feeling that I have to comment now in order to give myself the strength to say what I really feel about this stupid Year 4 Roman project that we parents are expected to 'help' (code for, actually do) our children do.

    I HAVE THE BEST ROMAN PROJECT THAT I DID WHEN I WAS IN 2ND YEAR JUNIORS (YES THAT IS YR 4) and what our own children are (not) producing is a million miles away.
    If they have to produce a project please at least give them the tools to be able to produce a project. You see... I am already a yr4 specialist on the Roman empire. I have a stamp from my own head teacher (December 1981) to prove it.....

  3. I'm so sorry about your Super Crap day! FunnyGirl Looks so happy in the cake pic! She's got such a cracking smile! :-)
    Don't worry about the party food or lack of cleanliness! no one noticed im sure!!!

    Totally unerstand the Freaking Roman Projects! my 8yo has been given SO many of them as homework in the last 3 weeks!! SO NOT ON!

    As for the theiving Scumbags (and thats putting it nicely) you were right to NOT go to their "site"

    I hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you! I hope you sleep well & please try to keep positive.

    the S4S crew love you xxx

  4. I feel for ya! Days like that totally suck. Why does everything have to go wrong at once?

    And the iPhone - that's horrible!!


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