Friday, 18 September 2009

Yes I am blonde - Travel trauma's part 2

If the truth be told when I wrote the last post on my travel trauma's I truly didn't intend for there to actually be a part 2 but here I am writing once again of my total inadequacy as a lone traveller.

So on Wednesday I was flying to Cologne to go to the large nursery trade show there. I've been a specialist nursery PR for the last nine years but I have always managed to get out of going over to the show as the flights are rubbish.

My quip to my clients is totally true... I work for myself so that I can be at home for my children and not away for days at trade events.

OK, so things haven't really worked out like that this year and I've been away more than I have ever before. This Cologne, however - there was no getting out of it. So I booked my flights, one of my clients sorted out my hotel (thanks G, you are a star and looking mighty fine with that big baby bump too..).

Tuesday night came and Yan dutifully booked my meet and greet parking at the airport. I was packed and ready to go.

Wednesday morning arrived. I took the kids to school and drove straight to the airport giving myself plenty of time to before they flight.

On arrival at the airport I handed my car over to the nice man and went into the terminal. I had a good look at the board but there were not flights to Cologne - or even Germany for that matter listed at all.

I took out my paper work and guess what????

I was at the wrong airport! My flight was leaving from East Mids and here I was car less and about 35 miles away in Birmingham...

I called the parking people back, who were by the way totally fantastic (NCP if you are interested). They brought my car straight back to me, without so much as a snigger from the driver. They also issued a full refund to my card and they were total stars!

I jumped into the car and they opened the car park barriers without me having to ask - thought I can only imagine how they were laughing in their office.

Luckily its was just a case of me jumping onto the M42 and getting to Easy Mids as quickly as I could.

As I arrived a check in a guy joined the queue behind me.

He asked me if I was going to the show in Cologne and I told him that I was. He then asked me if I would check in one of his bags for him as he was going to be over the weight limit.

Was he serious? With the morning that I was having! I could almost hear the tick tock coming from inside his case!! Which with all probability was my own heart that was still threatening to stop at any minute from my self inflicted blonde adrenalin surge!

I only have baby clothes in there he assured me. Ummm, well with all honesty I would say that too if I was about to blow up a plane but for once the timing was perfect and I jumped forward to check in leaving the crazy man behind.

Adventure behind me, I am now back at the airport with out any problems waiting for my flight home.
I'll report back to let you all know that I make it in one piece!


  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I once read the landing time as depature time and had the same "ummm... why isnt my flight on the screen" moment. Glad you got there on time!!

    Amanda Farren

  2. Wow! That is QUITE AN ADVENTURE!! I would COMPLETELY freak out if someone asked me to check a bag for them. Are you kidding?!?!?! How stupid do I look??

    Hope you had fun! I'm traveling again by myself next week - hopefully uneventful, but doubtfully so! :)

  3. You do make me laugh!!!


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