Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Saturday Review - Annabel Karmel Family Cookbook

We are as you know big Annabel Karmel fans over here at MummyTips. She does have a firm association with weaning and first food recipe's but her books don't stop there. If you are stuck in a rut for family mealtimes then look no further than the Annabel Karmel Family Bookazine.

Packed full of ideas for the whole family, the bookazine is a fab cross between a regular cookbook and a magazine at a great price.

The eagled eyed among you will already have spotted FunnyGirl making her carrot chopping debut on the cover, as you can see, she was taking the whole thing very seriously using all the carrots in record time!

There are four bookazines through the year, each one with seasonal recipes that are really tasty and easy to cook.

Look out for the Autumn issue out at the end of this month. Back issues are available from Amazon and yes that is ModelGirl on the Spring 09 cover.

£5.99 from Amazon, supermarkets and leading newsagents.

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  1. I bought this earlier this week, it's fab! Little miss has already picked out several things she want's to try!! x


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