Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Simply the Best Breakfast Bagel...ever

So the are actually two things that I learnt at BlogHer09. The first was how to cook bacon and the second was the all American Breakfast bagel.
Three points to note here...
1 - we are not a nation of Bagel lovers...
2 - who the hell has a burger for their breakfast...
3 - Egg white? what's wrong with the yolk?

OK... so everyone that knows me will vouch that I'm not a big breakfast kind of girl.... but when in Chicago my body clock was all over the shop and my midnight chicken kebab thoughts morphed into breakfast bagel.... I don't know how - so don't ask.

Anyway, there I found myself in an actual Bagel store (very odd) and I ordered... (even odder).
To be fair - I had no idea what I was getting.. and yes I we were speaking the same lingo but hell Bagel, breakfast... you don't get all that in the English countryside.

So when I walked out of the deli, warm bagel in hand, I must say I was more than a little bit excited! I rushed the two blocks back to my hotel and called back home.
"I have a bagel" I excitedly announced.
"Yeah" was the response from home...
I knew that this was a solo mission....

But OMG.... They missed out BIG TIME!

My bagel, my beautiful breakfast bagel had a thin (McDonald's like) burger, egg white? salsa and chilli's. WOW

I was so not expecting the total taste sensation..

That night it was the total of my love email back home to my hubby - for I knew that this said Bagel would become him!

Fast track back to the UK... and here is the totally stunning BlogHer09 Breakfast Bagel recipe!

A Nutty Bagel is best.
Slice & toast
Cook a couple of slices of bacon (see my last post)
or a slim and juicy burger
Cook egg white in microwave for 40 secs
Turn on to Bagel
spread hot salsa onto one side of bagel and cover with pickled chilli's
place on burger or bacon



  1. It's great to read a different perspective of something we, in America, take for granted as a common, everyday food item. Great post!

  2. But but but... the yolk is the best bit!
    Where else do you dunk the crusty bits of bagel?!

  3. Miss Leslianne. There are no crusty bits of Bagel. The egg/burger/salsa see to that. It is a revelation. Life changing and worth moving to the US for.

  4. I am actually drooling at my computer!!!

  5. Glad to know that you learned something very important from your first trip to America. I highly recommend the bagel breakfast sandwich before a day of skiing...or as the perfect hangover brekkie.

  6. It looks yummy enough for a yummy mummy!
    I've tagged you over at mine x

  7. I love bagels! I ate them growing up since my Mom is Jewish before the big bagel explosion took over America.

    I miss my bagel places sooo much! I've found one bagel place in the UK but it's not the same at all.

    The best is a tiny place at Miami University in Ohio which does steamed bagel sandwiches. YUM!


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