Friday, 7 August 2009

Old baby products we love

A Baby journalist friend of mine commented to me this morning that she had recently received three press releases on the same product from three different PR agencies - but seeing how I was always so on the ball - mine naturally landed in her inbox first.
This got me thinking....
The said product is nothing new. It has in fact been readily available to babies around the world since it's launch back in 1961 and I thought, that will make a good blog post. So here I am bringing you some products from our own childhood that are still going strong today.

If you have any other ideas that you think should be added to this feature - please do let me know.

Naturally I had to begin with the STOKKE® Tripp Trapp.
Launched back in 1972 (yes I was born in the year of the Tripp Trapp), it has been going strong ever since. STOKKE® have sold over six million units across the world and the popularity of the Tripp Trapp is at an all time high as parents want longevity out of the products that they invest in.
I met someone when I was over at BlogHer - who had a Tripp Trapp back in 1973 - her chair is still going strong and is now used by her own children.
Tripp Trapp is now available in twelve beautiful colours, which to be fair does make it tricky when you have to choose which one to buy!

2. Sophie the Giraffe
Born in 1961 at a time when the only animal toys available came in the form of everyday farm animals or pets. The exotic nature of Sophie - along with the fact that she is produced using 100% natural rubber and food paint have gone a long way to her staggering global sales of well over 30 million.
Suitable for babies from around three months - she is safe to chew, making her great for teething and excites all of babies other senses.
Her secret recipe is still a well guarded secret and each and every toy is traditionally produced in a process that involves more than fourteen manual operations!

3. The Maclaren Stroller
Now I know that this shouldn't really be included as it's design has evolved so much since retired aeronautical engineer Owen Maclaren designed and patented the first ever umbrella folding baby buggy back in 1965.
After struggling with his grand daughter's large heavy pram at an airport he decided to take all that he had learnt from his aviation past to bring the buggy into the jet age.
The first buggy was super lightweight at just 3kg and folded like nothing had before it. In 1967 1000 buggies were produced from Maclaren's converted stable in Northamptonshire but by the time of his death in 1978 more than 280,000 units had been exported.

4. Prince Lionheart SlumberBear
A real newbie in the scheme of things, SlumberBear was launched in 1978. Designed by a doctor it was a truly revolutionary product with it's soothing actual womb sounds. Still going strong today it has a couple of updated versions but it remains a fantastic product.

5. Johnsons® Baby Powder
The Johnson brothers went into business back in 1885. At that time they were producing medical gauze dressings and plasters. After a number of complaints from people saying that their plasters had caused skin irritation they began to include a small pot of talc with certain products to help soothe the skin.
This led to people just asking for the talc and and Johnson's Baby Powder was launched onto the market in 1893.

So then I came to number six and I was stumped. I started ask around to see if anyone else could think of anything. Whilst people mentioned lots of products like bathing aprons, baby walkers and nappies and lots of brands like Mothercare, Avent and Britax - none of them are still producing the same actual product.

All very interesting and in fact, out of the five products that I've featured above only the STOKKE® Tripp Trapp and Sophie the Giraffe remain true.

I'm really keen to add to this feature - so if you can think of any baby products (not food, baby milk or toys) that are still going strong today, please do let me know.


  1. How'd you get to be so lucky as to represent 3 of the 5 clients? Good list. As an American...FISHER PRICE is a big one... The farm and school play sets are 50 years old this year and are still produced.
    :) Karin

  2. I had no idea that's how baby powder started - you really do learn a little something everyday :)

    What about sudocreme? Don't know how long it's been going, but I remember it being used on all my little cousins many moons ago - and it's still in the same little grey pot :)

  3. I love Sophie .... I am going to get the Bean one, actually, not sure why i havent already! I may get her two... one to use and one for the nursery toy shelf! :)

  4. I'd never heard of Sophie Giraffe! That's what comes form having younger brothers and a son as a first born :).

    Might have to invest in one for Little E!

  5. Sophie Giraffe is a revelation - many of my friends have this toy. I had no idea it had a name and had been around so long! I think the Fisher Price toy telephone and pull along dog toys are still going strong.

  6. I loved my Pippa doll she was much cooler than Barbie or Cindy - and and germolene always reminds me grazed knees, tears and cuddles from my Mum x

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  8. Cool


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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