Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Emperors's New Clothes

I simply had to share this site with you. I came across it about a year ago - through the fantastic photographer that covered the mini munchkins christening. They have some simply fabulous stuff on their site - though I have to say that I am totally in love with the beautiful, beautiful Wovenplay pieces.

Their dressing up clothes are the stuff of dreams, you know the kind of thing that you conjure up when you close your eyes and think of fairy's and cowboys (rather than that nylon crap that the fast fashion outlets turf out).

I could dream forever about their truly inspirational pieces but that is the role of my kids now - for sure.

But hey if you happen to be in NY, I suggest that you do take a trip to their boutique. Even if it's just to take some pics for me to feature here on MummyTips.

Wovenplay: 4 West 37th Street, New York.
or if you are stuck in plain old blighty be sure to visit Emperor's New Clothes.

The items that i have featured are on sale on Emperors so do have a look.

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  1. Just been checking out the website, sooo cute! Loving the Kingfisher :)


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