Sunday, 19 July 2009

10 Things that I Love (finally)......

Following on from my SpongeBob and other irrational hates post a few weeks ago, I had promised that I would turn it around and get you all feeling warm and fuzzy with a follow up on 10 Things That I love - but I hit the wall. It seems that it's much easier to rant about the things that you don't like and quite a struggle to list the things you love (without being all mushy that is).

So 10 Things that I Love - in no particular order before you ask....

1. My hubby and children - they might drive me mad sometimes but I wouldn't be without any of them for the world.

2. The feel of the hot sun on my skin - I would love to live in a hot country and not have to battle with the wind and rain and all of the wardrobe malfunctions that shoddy weather reports ensure.

3. My cat. Hubby bought her for me as a wedding present. She's getting on now has recently started to go a bit whappy but I adore her, especially her soft little nose and cute ears. She is a Persian and her nose feels like velvet and she loves it when I rub it, she goes into purr overdrive!

4. Chanel handbags.

5. The smell of Scotch Tape - I am aware that makes me technically a glue sniffer but hey.....

6. The Smiths. My band of choice since I was just 11. If I had a pound for every teenage night that I cried myself to sleep listening to Morrissey then I wouldn't have to work at all!

7. The pride that I feel when I watch my children doing simple everyday stuff. They are so full of life, love and talent and yet to be disillusioned by the world. I would like to keep them like that forever.

8. My orange Mini. It's the smallest car that I have ever owned and it's far from practical seeing as No1 Son is six ft tall but driving it makes me happy.

9. Sunday mornings - Sunday is the only day that we don't have activities to go to and the only chance that we really get to veg out during the whole week.
When No1 was little, we used to stroll down to the shops to buy a packet of chocolate snowballs and then stuff our chops till we felt sick, go back home and watch Star Wars over and over! Now that we live in the countryside, we don't have any shops so during the spring and summer months we head out on a car boot sale adventure and then a walk or bike ride in the afternoon. Perfect.

10. My hubby's talents - He is a media man by trade, we met when he employed me to do PR for a project that he was working on (in fashion incidentally). Now eleven years on and in the full flow of a recession times are really tough in his industry and he hasn't been happy in his work for a long time.
His true passion has always been fashion and this year (with a bit of pushing) he's let his creativity loose and has produced his first collection. He has his samples, he has a very influential London stockist and he has a list of people waiting for the final production pieces. I am so proud of what he has achieved and on a slightly different note, he makes the BEST Dim Sum. Our children's parties usually have more adults there than kids as word spread like wild fire that we do food for the adults too!


  1. I like the list. Very sweet.

    Let us know when we can view your man's collection.

    And I am sure glue sniffing is better than injecting heroin, so don't worry about that.... :)

  2. Great list!
    I'm so with you on The Smiths and Morrissey!

  3. It is so nice when we take the time to remember what makes us happy. I have been blue this morning so here are some from me to cheer myself up:

    I love paddling in the sea on a sandy beach.
    I love how special my husband makes me feel.
    I love Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes.

    That made me smile.

  4. Love your list....made me remember teenage angst listening to The Smiths.....I used to be in love with Johnny Marr, and I still love to sing along at the top of my voice in the car.

    Good Luck to your hubby with his collection!

  5. You are so right, its hard to think of ten things. Since ive got all day to think here goes with my effort;
    1. the smell of freshly baked bread
    2. Glimpses of my little baby's peachy bottom- so sweet, i should have called her peaches!
    3. Hubby and the kids
    4. The sound of rain outside when you are warm and cosy inside.
    5. The feeling of pure happiness
    6. Long walks on the beach in North Norfolk
    7. Making people laugh
    8. A little bit of me time to do my sewing, read a book or sit and think
    9. the flowers in my wedding bouquet
    10. My little sister

    It surprises me a bit that there is nothing cash related there! I guess im just easily pleased...


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciated as always. xx


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