Monday, 22 June 2009

Smack Talk - simply the Best iPhone App ever!

Back from my day out at bubble. It was really good to meet up with my fellow Tweeters. We had an avid discussion over lunch that was strangely fluid.
You do get strangely used to speaking in 140 characters or less.
I had planned to post on all the lovely things that I had seen at the show today - but I got completely side tracked by something that has made me chuckle more than I have for a long time.

FunnyGirl, is funny by nature - hence her tag.
For Father's Day, her lucky dad had a new iPhone, FunnyGirl and I bought it to cheer ourselves up after that dreadful train journey we took a couple of weeks ago and we had to hand it straight over as we are both rubbish at keeping secrets.

So by the time Father's Day arrived, hubby had quite naturally amassed an impressive arsenal of games and apps.
What I encountered though has me laughing at the thought of it.
I came into my bedroom - arms full of stuff to put away and there was FunnyGirl lying on my bed having a full on conversation with the said iPhone. Well when I say she was talking to the phone - she was really conversing with a guinea pig.
Ok, you may say - but is that funny? Well yes, when what you say is repeated back to you faster, squeekier, with perfect lip sink and coming from a cute furry guinea gig!

Every time the guinea pig spoke she was laughing so hard that it had us all laughing too. If the guinea pig isn't for you there is a very cute kitten, a puppy and a manic Chihuahua that frankly is not quite right.

If you have an iPhone and you have children - you have to get this app. It's only 59p from iTunes and it works in every language. It will have you and the kids and everyone else howling for hours.
It is called Smack Talk - available from iTunes or you can get more info from the developers site.
When you have tried it and are hooked you may want to join his Twitter group!

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