Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Retro Owl Clock - perfect for DinoBoy!

DinoBoy has been a busy bee today. He has just got home from a busy casting for M&S in London. In his absence I have been cruising around on the web looking for a clock for his room.
I have been surprisingly slow off the mark in realising that if they know what time it is in the morning then they are less likely to get up at 5am!
Doh - I have four kids and I have only just worked this one out. Still never mind I am on the case now.
If you're a regular on my blog you'll know that DinoBoy is owl mad. His collecting began after his adopted grandpa bought an Eagle Owl chick. Hobnob the owl totally bonded with him. So much so that he starts tweeting and rolling his eyes whenever he comes near. Incase you wondered this isn't usual behavior for an owl - he totally wants to attack everyone else who goes anywhere near him!
So when I came across this clock I knew that it would be completely at home amongst the 100+ owls that sit in his room.
This funky little hand painted retro number is available exclusively through a fab little site that I stumbled across on Twitter called
They have a really good range of home stuff on their site - not just for kids either.
The owl clock is £49.95

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  1. The Owl clock is cool! I like it a lot.


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