Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not quite Fathers Day

Things seem to have gone a bit crazy here over the last few days. I've been working so hard by day that I haven't had five minutes to blog.
I am calling this my official lunch break - and if the phone stops ringing for a couple of minutes I might actually be able to get this post live!

I did have some big grand plan to do a whole week of gift ideas for fathers day this week - but that hasn't really fallen into place. I've been searching around for funky and exciting stuff that the kids could actually buy for Mr MummyTips without me having to open my purse. Alas, as far as we got was a giant Toblerone - and to be fair they have been wanting to chomp their way through that. Their view is that daddy will thank them as he is once again watching his waistline.

Of course I may have had more of an investment in finding some value gifts if I hadn't already been and bought him a new iPhone. FunnyGirl and I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, the day before they announced the new one as it happens and in our inability to keep a secret for more than five minutes we had to hand it straight over. So fathers day is done and dusted in our house, all except for the battle over giant Toblerone that is.

As you know, my crew all have their little collections. DinoBoy and his owls, ModelGirl and her bunnies and FunnyGirl and her pandas. Her bedroom is infact like a mad Chinese breeding centre these days but whilst she keeps it tidy I don't complain.

I was looking around for a light summer coat for ModelGirl as to her utter disgust her very expensive silver Oilily mac that she bought with her own hard earned cash has moved into the hand-me-down realm. When I came across this very cute little number. Yes I am aware that it isn't remotely like a coat but you know how easy it is to get side tracked.

Not just cute but hand knitted too this little rucksack is just the right size for carrying your essentials (though to be fair FunnyGirl would have to engage in a major downsizing exercise if she wanted to fit all her stuff in).
Made from 100% cotton  £30 from Elias & Grace, who do incidentally have some rather nice coats too!

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