Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A not funny thing happened on the way to the Annabel Karmel shoot

So here I was thinking that I was going to have a really nice day out with little Betty today. 
Being my fourth child I do feel guilty that we don't actually spend a lot of quality one on one time together, but in a big family with a business to run and kids to run around after it is pretty hard to have one on one time with anyone.
Today Betty had been booked to film a video to promote Annabel Karmel's new Cook it Together cookbook from Dorling Kindersley - well she had kind of been booked. Annabel called me to see if one of the girls could do it. Biba being the eldest (and the most experienced model) has done so much for her - so she was everyones obvious choice - but she has her SATS this week...
Betty didn't need asking twice on the stand in front and off we went to the filming. 
Morning started out OK, we were in a bit of a rush to get to the station but then that is pretty normal. We were on the fast train that should have got us into London in an hour but as we were passing through Bedford station the train felt kind of funny. Like it was going to de-rail or something equally not nice, a bang some thuds, shake, shake. Then there were the breaks and a very strong burning smell as the driver administered an emergency stop.
We now know that a man had jumped in front of the train - it was moving pretty fast at the time as it hadn't stopped at the station.
We all sat there - the full train of people, all with somewhere to go - for nearly three hours till the track was cleared and a new driver was brought in to take us to London.

So please excuse my lack of products today but I have been lacking in motivation. 
Nothing a good nights sleep and a glass of wine won't cure. 
I will be back on schedule tomorrow.
And we did get to the shoot in the end. 
Annabel waited for us (thanks) and they made the scrummiest fruity chicken curry - that me and Liz the naughty make-up artist tucked right into! Yum Yum. 
Annabel Karmel's Cook it Together Cookbook from Dorling Kindersley is out now £7.99

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