Saturday, 13 June 2009

It is so much easier for boys.....

I know that it isn't very right on to complain about stuff like this - but recent events have forced my hand. 
I have two boys and two girls and I come from a family of two boys and two girls. As a child my elder brothers excelled at swimming, rugby and at the private grammar school that they both attended on full scholarship.
My sister was next in line. A classic under achiever with middle child syndrome. She took up dance because it was something that I did (even though I am seven years her junior), we were in the same classes - so that didn't last long.
She swam, as we all did - our father was a swimming coach so that activity was non negotiable. Where my brothers and I had promise, she simply swam because it was something that she was expected to do.

Now all of these years later I am starting to see startling similarities with my own brood. That is discounting my eldest boy, as he has gone through his life not really being interested in sport or anything other than sitting in front of one electronic game or other. But then he truly is a child of the Playstation generation.
DinoBoy is next in line. He is a funny boy - and by that I mean people laugh at him. Not in a mean way, he is just one of those kids that make you smile. The joker in the pack.
At nearly nine, he already has his black Karate belt and has since moved on to trampolining, gymnastics and swimming. He is also very bright. He studies Kumon maths and is working a good few school years ahead of his peers but he doesn't put any effort into anything that he does. Just like my brothers before him.

Then there is ModelGirl, she as her name suggests is a model and has been since she was just a couple of weeks old. She is very pretty and exceptionally gifted in front of a camera. She listens to direction from the photographer and she delivers. Usually in the first couple of frames which gets her re booked as they don't need to book so long in the studio - saving time and money.
Back in the real world she is really lacking in confidence. She has been doing ballet since she was two and joins DinoBoy at gymnastics, trampolining, swimming and Kumon.
She struggles a bit at school, which was why we embarked on the Kumon program and she has worked really hard - it doesn't come naturally to her so we are really proud that she will be collecting a Bronze award at the summer prize giving. That is a big deal for her.
DinoBoy who cruises through his work will waltz in and pick up a Gold.

Which is where I pick up the story. Dino and Model were both in a trampolining competition a few weeks ago. Dino won his group - granted there was only him in the group so he came away with the medal. Model, being a girl was in a group of 20. She was really good in the first round but then her nerves got the better of her and didn't do so well in her second round.
She tried really hard though. Much harder than Dino, and she was the one that deserved a medal not him.

DinoBoy has now decided that he would like to start earning some money. It really riles him that ModelGirl has a very healthy bank balance. He doesn't comprehend how hard she has worked to get it. 
We called her agency and they took him onto their books without hesitation. This week he had his first casting. A real biggie - a job for M&S. They were seeing kids all day. He was number 125, so he came away thinking that he wouldn't hear from them again.
The email came yesterday afternoon - he has the job! Whilst I am really proud of him, I feel really sorry for ModelGirl.
Being a boy, things just seem happen for him - that don't happen for her.

I'm sure this is a topic I will return to time and time again! I would love to hear what you think about any similar happenings with your kids.

ModelGirl and DinoBoy pictured...


  1. I don't think it's a boy thing, just that all kids are different. My sister has 4 and whilst they are all reasonably good at sport, swimming, school work and music, the 3rd child - a girl - outshines the rest of them by far. Whatever hobbies the others take up, child 3 demands to do it also and is much better at it. Annoying but nothing anyone can do about it.

    I on the other hand only have 1 child so nothing to compare to which makes life a lot simpler!

  2. Could cite soooo many tales of life and inequality between me and my brother! Yes, boys do have it easy.

  3. Great post yummymummytips.

    Your story reminds me of my own brother - a super star at everything he ever turned his hand to as a kid, whether his heart was in it or not! And as for lucky, don't get me started!

    Inclined to agree with justdresses though - kids are all so different. I don't think it's necessarily about boys or girls.

    Yummymummytips - both kids look gorgeous! Can see why they've both succeeded in the modelling world.

  4. Thanks to you all for replying today. This parenting thing is far from an easy ride. Poor ModelGirl has it from both sides, her younger sis, FunnyGirl is just like Justdresses niece - she is fantastic at everything that she does and warm and funny too.
    My heart goes out to her - but I secretly fear that she never going to stray far from home when the others will be spreading their wings!


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