Thursday, 18 June 2009

Help I need a birthday gift and fast.....

It has to be said that there is a certain amount of competitive parenting that goes around these parts and never does it rear it's ugly head as much as around party season!

My dilemma today comes in the form of a friends daughter's birthday. The said girl is turning 8. She is one of the last birthday's in DinoBoy's class - which means by this point I have totally and utterly exhausted the ideas pile in my brain. The situation is not at all helped by the closing down of our beloved Woolies.
Not a place on my general shopping radar - but for birthday toys it was all our little town had - and now that is gone we are left with a smackering of adult designer wear stores, a couple of kitchen shops and not much else.

To add to my problem - the party is today. Straight from school and I haven't so much as left the house, which is limiting my options even further.

Is it OK to do money in a card - or is that a weak willed - I can't be bothered to shop for you statement? I know that DinoBoy would choose cash any day of the week. So that he can buy more complete rubbish of his choice. Which to be honest does seem a bit more appealing than getting a whole load of rubbish that you don't want.

Case in point - on Sunday he bought a Victorian shell from a Giant Tortoise at the car boot sale (?). This now sits next to his Victorian stuffed Owl.......

ModelGirl on the other hand, would be happy with anything that involved her making stuff - but I know that not all parents (including me to be fair) like messy stuff that they have to clean up.

Then, if you do go down the money route - how much do you give? Is £5 OK or should it be £10? I know without the aid of a Woolies that you certainly couldn't buy a half decent present for under £10 around here.
I welcome your feelings and feedback on this. I am going to try and put together a quality kids gift feature with £10 as my budget. Obviously todays party problem still remains but lets see if we can't help some of you out in the future.


  1. I buy sale items and bargains and put them in a present box. I also put unwanted gifts in there to recycle (labels save embarrassment)! Yes, that probably does make me a cheapskate, but I've always got something to give as a gift or a raffle prize. Am quite annoyed at the demise of Woollies though, as some of my present box is now clearly out of date!
    Looking forward to your feature on the £10 budget.

  2. I also have the pressie box - but I don't keep track of who bought them for who in the first place. Could be quite embarrassing if you gave them back to where they came from.
    But that ia my point exactly. Our box is full of stuff that the kids don't want and aren't at all interested in. Surely money would be a better option than a dodgy doll or car?

  3. I tend to spend about £7 and go for:

    -Lego sets
    -Klutz thumb print books
    - Top Trump cards

    -Hama Beads
    -Stationery from Paperchase
    -Dolly dressing sticker books

    I always spend about £7. Another alternative is a voucher for a bookshop as the child gets to choose but it looks like you made more effort than just cash.

  4. What about some cookie cutters or something cookery related. Or a nice bag/ sunglasses from Accessorise.
    Failing that, a HMV voucher would probably go down well...

  5. I have resorted to money in an envelope in the past. I put £5 and buy a bag of sweets to go with it. My son got a lot of £5 fluttering out of cards this year and he was thrilled to bits. Good luck x

  6. I go with cash too especially if I dont really know the recipient that well its more appreciated than a present already received or not liked. Boys though love footballs genreally so I may do a £5 and a ball from Sports Worls for £3.
    Sometimes just a fiver though. Kids love cash.

  7. hi , i found this great little site for really unusual stuff, its internet based so you have to wait for them to post but last time i ordered it only took a few days. They do these lovely hand made hair clippies and a load of personalised stuff for girls and boys too. The web address is With you on the mourning for woolies by the way, you dont know what you got till its gone;)

  8. Hi! It's my friend Sian's Birthday today and I really don't know what to get her. We're going out for a boozy meal, least I think there might be food involved, on Saturday, but I can't get this rock chick bird something for under a tenner - she'll spot it a mile off!!!!!!!!



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